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ID: 25631, PNGDelph Method Shop Code Samples

by ryan mills Email: Anonymous

Code from the, now defunct, PNGDelphi Method Shop.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 11.0 2157 downloads
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Size: 15,409 bytes
Updated on Fri, 09 May 2008 09:18:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 09 May 2008 09:18:40 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 0F749AC7FC3BDF048926C2629D15C6F0B7DCBD1A
MD5 Hash: 57B989AD401620F167878AD46EA84FBF

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The PNGDelphi project has been marked for removal from SourceForge.

Besides being one of the best PNG implementations for Delphi it had a section on the website where people could post code snippets demonstrating how to do things with the project code.

I've grabbed a copy of all of the demo code and have provided them here for long term archival purposes.

Here is the complete list of examples included in this package:
* Smooth rotates a PNG object
* Resizes a TPNGObject using a smooth algorithm
* Slice one PNG into several smaller ones
* Saves an image as either a bitmap or a png.
* Sample chunk descendant
* Read all tEXt-Chunks and write values into a TStrings object
* Display a message box with information extracted from the PNG File
* Finds and cuts a block from a PNG image
* This method converts the png into a jpeg object
* This method converts the png into a bmp object
* Overlay one PNG over another
* This makes the image half transparent
* Flips a png image vertically and saves back
* Draws a png image over the desktop

I've also included the last version change log of the PNGImage component as published by Gustavo Daud, the original author of the PNGDelphi component library.

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