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InterBase Best Techniques Submissions

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19041 InterBase Best Techniques InterBase in a Multitier World
How to build scaleable multi-tier systems using InterBase, use InterBase features in a multi-tier framework, use IBX with DataSnap, and inherit RDMs.
10/28/2002 11:16:41 AM 1263 39.9K
16906 InterBase Best Techniques Data Models
Data Models are used in the logical and physical design of database systems. This paper describes rich data models, SQL generation and reengineering using WinA&D.
11/27/2001 10:55:35 AM 1193 102.5K
16744 InterBase Best Techniques Using the InterBase Express Admin Components
Borland Conference paper describing how to use the InterBase Express administration components.
11/16/2001 2:19:58 PM 1884 1.1MB
16745 InterBase Best Techniques Introduction to InterBase Stored Procedures and Triggers
Borland Conference paper describing how to create stored procedures and triggers in InterBase.
11/16/2001 2:16:56 PM 2538 150K
16839 InterBase Best Techniques InterBase Installation and Deployment Options
This session will discuss the various options available for installing InterBase, including using the Installation API, TIBInstall, the Borland Setup.exe package, and various other installation packages. This session will show you what is needed to create your own installation scripts using Wise, InstallShield,(r) MSI, etc.
11/16/2001 2:14:41 PM 1337 58.9K
16743 InterBase Best Techniques InterBase For Desktop Database Users
Borland Conference paper describing how to convert desktop database applications to InterBase.
11/16/2001 2:13:02 PM 1114 346.3K
16837 InterBase Best Techniques InterBase Connectivity
I will cover general connections methods including ODBC, JDBC and Perl DBI drivers, and also discuss how InterBase data may be presented via the World Wide Web, using servers such as Apache and Microsoft's Internet Information Server, using active server pages, ADO, PHP, ColdFusion, and iHTML to name a few.
11/16/2001 2:11:07 PM 1217 54.8K
16742 InterBase Best Techniques Creating Applications Using ClientDataSet and InterBase Express
Borland Conference paper describing how to build applications using ClientDataSets and InterBase Express.
11/16/2001 2:09:45 PM 2183 723.3K
16838 InterBase Best Techniques Encrypting InterBase Network Traffic on-the-fly with Delphi
This article describes how to encrypt InterBase TCP/IP network on the fly with a Delphi application. The sample application, IBSec (InterBase Security), can operate in two modes so that the exact same application can be used both on the client and the server.
11/16/2001 2:08:31 PM 1203 247.9K
17065 InterBase Best Techniques Building UDF Libraries
This article is both a quick introduction to writing simple User Defined Functions (UDFs) for InterBase and a fairly complete reference guide to UDF programming techniques.
11/15/2001 9:50:00 AM 1821 81.6K
15648 InterBase Best Techniques Protecting your source code - Stored Procedures and Triggers
Protecting your source code - Stored Procedures and Triggers
3/8/2001 3:01:21 AM 3942 3.8K
15065 InterBase Best Techniques Using IN in Parameterized Query or Stored Proc
7/18/2000 12:00:00 AM 13 0 bytes

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