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ID: 22127, aveConnect 3.0 for MS SQL

by Claude Hayn Email:

aveConnect JDBC 3.0 includes all the functionalities of JDBC 2.x drivers along with new many features.
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For JBuilder, Version 10.0  to 11.0 24 downloads
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Size: 313,800 bytes
Updated on Mon, 04 May 2009 14:12:12 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:07:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 5CCBC8D042AB0B4C4C7DB35A678AC98A6B4D2FCF
MD5 Hash: EF8AB04E34931D5F27250C530E378E7B

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Formally Certified by SUN

aveConnect JDBC 3.0 compatible Type 4 driver is now available. Our JDBC 3.0 driver includes all the functionalities of JDBC 2.x driver along with these new features:

Savepoint support
Retrieval of ParameterMetadata
Passing parameters for CallableStatements by name
JDBC 3.0 support for CLOB, BLOB and ResultSetEnhanced Pooling mechanism

Savepoint support
This new feature provides finer grained control of transactions by marking intermediate points within a transaction. Once a savepoint has been set, the transaction can be rolled back to that savepoint without affecting preceding work. With the help of this added feature, the programmer could get a better control over transactions.

This new feature in JDBC 3.0 can be used to get information about the types and properties of the parameters in a PreparedStatement object. This provides the programmer with parameter specific information.

Named Parameter support for CallableStatement
This new feature in JDBC 3.0 enables named parameter support for CallableStatements. Named parameters are especially useful when a procedure has many parameters with default values. With this new feature, you need to specify only the values for parameters that have no default value, hence the ease of use and flexibility.

JDBC 3.0 support for CLOB, BLOB and ResultSet
Provides full support for JDBC 3.0 features that allow the user to alter the contents of Blob and Clob objects. This new feature provides a wide range of setter methods with the help of which users could manipulate Blob and Clob objects. Also, the ResultSet provides update methods for Clob and Blob data types and much more.

Enhanced Pooling mechanism
Incorporated advanced pooling mechanisms that allow the user to explicitly control connection pooling. Our implementation of ConnectionPoolDataSource has incorporated a wide range of functionality that will allow the user to control the behavior of connection pools.

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