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ID: 21674, Code Generated from type libraries incorrect for properties

by dean mitchell Email: Anonymous

Read-only property generates a read-only property. Write Only property generates a write-only property. Read-Write property generates a read-only property
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Updated on Sun, 02 May 2004 15:34:04 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:20:25 GMT
The problem is with the __property code that is generated from a type-libarry.

The get_ and _set methods are generated properly, but it is the code linking the property to these methods that is missing.

In the code below you can see that the only time a property makes use of the set_ method is if it is write-only.

Propety1 is a Write-Only property
Property2 is Read-Only property
Property3 is a Read-Write Property

HRESULT __fastcall set_Property1(BSTR Value/*[in]*/);

HRESULT __fastcall get_Property2(BSTR* Value/*[out,retval]*/);
BSTR __fastcall get_Property2(void);

HRESULT __fastcall get_Property3(BSTR* Value/*[out,retval]*/);
BSTR __fastcall get_Property3(void);
HRESULT __fastcall set_Property3(BSTR Value/*[in]*/);

__property BSTR Property1 = {write = set_Property1};
__property BSTR Property2 = {read = get_Property2};
__property BSTR Property3 = {read = get_Property3};

On further investigation it appears this only happens with properties of type BSTR

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