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ID: 21573, JSP Tag Wizards v3.0

by Keith Wood Email: Anonymous

Two wizards for developing JSP tag libraries - one generates JSP tag classes, one generates a taglib descriptor file. Now supports JSP 2.0.
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For JBuilder, Version 8.0  to 10.0 526 downloads
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Size: 218,763 bytes
Updated on Sat, 27 Mar 2004 05:16:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 27 Mar 2004 05:15:57 GMT
SHA1 Hash: ABF212367ACAF342EA10F63E193CEA8CF3B947A8
MD5 Hash: 3429E4B9451265BCFD4EE703978FCD5A

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A JBuilder add-in that provides two wizards for developing JSP tag libraries. They support JSP 1.1, JSP 1.2, and now JSP 2.0.

JSP Tag Class Generator

A wizard that creates classes that implement the Tag, BodyTag, or SimpleTag interfaces (from the javax.servlet.jsp.tagext package). You can also generate TagExtraInfo classes to support your tags.

You can specify the type of functionality required of the tag (nested in another tag, looping, updates its body, handles its own errors, accepts any attributes, etc) and enter a list of attributes that it accepts.

Taglib Descriptor Generator

A wizard that scans the Java source in a project looking for classes that implement the Tag or SimpleTag interfaces (from the javax.servlet.jsp.tagext package). It also locates supporting classes from the servlet/JSP specification, such as validators, listeners, extra info classes, etc.

These are examined and presented for modification in a dialog box. Upon completion the information is used to generate a taglib descriptor file for the project. By default, the file has the same name as the project with a .tld extension, but this can be overridden.

Just copy the JAR files to the JBuilder/lib/ext directory, and restart JBuilder to install the tool. Both the wizards appear in the Object Gallery (File | New on the menu) on the Web tab.

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