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ID: 21472, Free EZLOG / EZBLOG idea management tools

by Randall Nagy Email: Anonymous

These are the tools required to complete the presentation of the Tao of the Lone Wolf, as presented at the borland community site.
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For C++Builder, Version 2.0  to 5.0 173 downloads
Copyright: No significant restrictions

Size: 619,738 bytes
Updated on Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:04:48 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 24 Feb 2004 07:47:21 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 898AE604F3BD8ED7541E93DC9CB073317B80E54B
MD5 Hash: 02EE392884A2489CE2B973F32A8C8087

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EZLOG is a command line tool. Rename EZLOG.EXE to represent the type of log you want to have (phones.exe, note.exe, todo.exe (etc.))

EZBLOG will then allow you to manage the EZLOG content, as well as to publish it as a BLOG (HTML format), and more.

While I have been using this tool for years, it has yet to get the final approval for general distribution. Use at your own risk.

Note that in order for EZBLOG and EZLOG to work together, that they both have to be installed into the same folder. It works best if you can place them somewhere along your directory search path. This way you will be able to take notes from a command-line session, call froma a batch file (or etc.)

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