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ID: 20009, Bridge cards shuffle program

by Andre Wolff Email: Anonymous

Shuffles bridge cards. Saves results into a PBN-file and into a Html-file. Can be used as Windows frontend for MS-DOS program BigDeal.
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 6.0 254 downloads
Copyright: Commercial use requires permission

Size: 506,680 bytes
Updated on Mon, 01 Sep 2003 23:50:11 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 14 May 2003 07:13:15 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9453DA77FAAA70F864CCC702894C1AD6C6CAAD99
MD5 Hash: D5214731F6ED1B8B2ADE45D24D275477

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Program ShuffleBridgeCards is a Windows program for generating bridge card games.
The results are saved into a PBN file (see ).

If checkbox ‘Use Big Deal’ is checked, the games are generated by the MS-DOS program BigDeal of Hans van Staveren (see and below) which shuffles card for playing bridge and saves the results into a PBN file (see

If checkbox ‘Use Big Deal’ is not checked, the games are generated by this program via a random generator. In that case it is possible to define a minimum # high card points for the strongest hand or for the strongest pair.

Program ShuffleBridgeCards shows the shuffled cards on the left side in a window in a format which is easy to distribute the cards for playing.

Program ShuffleBridgeCards converts the PBN file also to an Html file, where the user may select the character size (default large) and the number of games in a row (default 2).

The html file shows the games in a format which is easier to analyze the games.
This file is shown in a window at the right side. You can make this window larger or smaller by dragging the split bar between the two windows. You can print this file (maximum 24 games on a A4 pages with small margins) but you can also use this file to publish the games on a website after the games are played by the members of a bridge club.

The ready to install English version 1.2 may be downloaded from URL and the corresponding Dutch version 1.2 from
You can view there the new helpfile.

For more information, see

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