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ID: 18625, Pro-Analyzer for Delphi

by Glenn Amdahl Email: Anonymous

Document Delphi source code instantly! Easily generate
call diagrams, comment headers, xrefs, code surveys
and more, in ready-to-print form or for on-line.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 753 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 1,504,014 bytes
Updated on Fri, 09 Aug 2002 10:48:50 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 01 Aug 2002 13:45:41 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 7731F295F8A47941E20D493BD0AA98B57B9E61C8
MD5 Hash: 07D96D0BC562D24D0B3869E1A5FACBEF

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Document Source Code Instantly!

Now you can easily generate comment headers, call diagrams, global
cross references, code surveys and other useful reports about your
Delphi and Pascal programs, with NO source code changes required.
Documentation that previously was time consuming, difficult and
expensive to create, can be generated automatically. Just select
a project file for the task wizard, and in minutes, your results
are in ready-to-print form or can be generated as HTML and
used on-line.

Summary of Benefits:

Provides documentation for previously undocumented programs.
Easily builds documentation that previously was difficult to generate.
Saves time during software documentation.
Helps new programmers understand a program more quickly.
Reduces the cost of software documentation.
Enhances program efficiency and structure.
Standardizes program documentation.
Finds code anomalies, dead code and unused variables.
Keeps documentation up to date.

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