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ID: 17092, Rmic all - RMICompile all Remote classes in the project

by Eirik Maus Email: Anonymous

A tool to RMI compile all remote classes in your project.YET ANOTHER UPDATE - Even more improved!
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 9.0 324 downloads
Copyright: No significant restrictions

Size: 25,601 bytes
Updated on Fri, 28 Mar 2003 01:26:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 21 Nov 2001 06:17:45 GMT
SHA1 Hash: A6BADAB54586C466FEFE5943F0D5756DB332C812
MD5 Hash: 06F7B040D4E8128051E8CEDBCFB6CC4E

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Update by Shawn Castrianni: Will now work with "automatic source discovery" on JBuilder 8. ------------------------------- Version 4: From: Martin Dinter to: Hi Eirik, now an actual version of autoRMIC. I've changed the package checking methods so that they now also work with "smart nodes". Two TreeSets (for packages and classes) are used to prevent multiple searches and compiles. Try it. I'm looking forward for Your comments! Bye - Martin Freundliche Grüße Martin Dinter
Version 3: From: Martin Dinter to: Hi Eirik, it's me again. I' ve reorganized the autoRMIC tool: Now on calling "Mark RMI classes" only the node property is set. So this has to be done only if new classes added to project or once initial on new project. On calling "RMI-compile all" only the node properties are checked (and a small check over the node classes) an if stub is out of date (checkUp2Date()) the compiler is started. This goes much faster than deep test over super classes. Via call of "jotpks.releaseAll()" the amount of memory at check time is nearly constant. At compile time I need less then 71 MB heap (248 RMI classes) but if gc would be a little bit faster... Some other little changes (icons, messages, finals...) Best regards Martin Dinter E-Mail: Notes for version 2: The tool makes two entries called "RMI-Compile all" and Mark RMI classes in the "Project" menu. When you push either button, the tool will search through your project to find classes that implement java.rmi.Remote and need to have new stubs generated. If you chose "RMI-Compile all" rmic -v1.2 is run on these classes. Only tested on ver 4. Free. Source Included. You should perform local adjustments. Keywords: RMI compilation, rmic, Remote Interface, java.rmi.Remote, server. Changes since v1: Beautifull icons for messages, running in separate thread etc. is contributed by Martin Dinter. Uses tools in tools.jar rather than separate process, also thanks to him. Issues: A) Memory-hog: The distributed version will compare the interfaces of each class to the interfaces implemented by its superclass to check if the class in question implements a new Remote Interface. This causes an awfull lot of files to be loaded, and the resources are (surprisingly? :) not properly released. The feature can be turned off inn the source code (mCheckSuper=false;), but then you have to rebuild the jar. This is actually quite easy. Otherwise: restarting jbuilder releases the memory. B) Seems not to traverse down project packages in JBuilder personal, at least not if they are included via "automatic package detection". It might work if you include the packages in the project explicitly. Try. C) I think the issues regarding project classpath is solved, even when the classpath contains spaces (quite common on windows).

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