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ID: 17043, CRC32Unit 1.0

by Juan Miguel Martinez Email: Anonymous

A full unit to calculate standard PK-ZIP 32-bit CRC's, with docs, lots of comments, added documentation. Native pascal only, not assembler, but lightning fast.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 6.0 12 downloads
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Updated on Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:36:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:38:18 GMT
CRC32Unit.pas 1.0
A full-featured unit to create and manage 32-bit CRCs, with table-driven
fast implementation, and comments to understand the whole mess. Example
of usage in Delphi 6.0 included.
(c) 2001 by Pi (
Last modified: 13-Nov-2001

Contents of the package CRC32UNIT10.ZIP

File readme.txt: This file you're reading.

Folder crcv3_html: "A painless guide to CRC error detection algorithms" by Ross N. Williams in HTML.

Folder doc: Some units and code snippets which shows other implementations of various CRC algorithms.

Folder WinCRC: WinCRC 1.1a by Randy Langer. It also contains the "Painless Guide..." in text and help formats.

Folder source: My work.

Contents of the folder source

CRC32Unit.pas: The unit itself, for Delphi 6.0, probably will compile well in any other version including Kylix.

CRC32Unit.txt: The small documentation about the unit.

CRCStep.txt: A step-by-step approach to the CRC implementation in CRC32Unit.pas.

CRCTesting.dpr and the rest of files: An example project which shows usage of all the functions in CRC32Unit.pas.

Distribution and usage

For distribution and usage terms, refer to the file CRC32Unit.txt in the source folder.

- Pi

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