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ID: 16676, Kylix Development

by Tim McEvoy Email: Anonymous

This is a sample chapter from the upcoming book Kylix Development from Wordware Publishing, Inc., publisher of the acclaimed Delphi Developer's Library.
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For Kylix, Version 1.0  to 2.0 620 downloads
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Kylix Development targets the throngs of Linux developers who are starved for a tool that gives them the Linux development power they need, coupled with a convenient rapid application development environment. This unique book also focuses on the needs of current Windows and Borland developers who are taking their first steps into the Linux universe with Borland’s cutting-edge visual development tool for Linux.

Special chapters are dedicated to weaning Windows developers away from proprietary Windows development concepts as they are introduced to the Linux world. Kylix Development examines the complex tasks that face project managers who are porting Windows applications to Linux and writing single-source code that can function in both Windows and Linux environments.

KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Kylix Development allows developers of every background to master Linux development with the easiest and arguably the most powerful tool in the software development environment. Linux developers will enjoy its step-by-step introduction to the Delphi for Linux two-way visual interface and integrated development environment.

Windows developers will benefit from the Windows Alert sections that point out platform-specific issues and techniques. Project managers will appreciate the special chapters dedicated to porting applications from Windows to Linux and to developing technical plans for moving or expanding to Linux. Whether the reader is developing components or applications, or implementing migration strategies, he will find the answers in Kylix Development Features highlighted in this book include the re-creation of the VCL, the new event model, and the transformation of the data layer.

AUTHOR INFORMATION: Eric Whipple is a Senior Delphi Instructor/Developer for PILLAR Technology Group, Inc., a full service consulting firm in Detroit, MI. Eric has been a Borland certified instructor and developer for many years and has published multiple articles in Delphi Informant. He has spoken at corporations and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada including the 2001 Borland International Conference, and was awarded Borland’s 2001 Trainer of the Year award at the Conference.

Rick Ross is a Senior Consultant for PILLAR Technology Group, Inc. He develops utilities, database applications, and distributed systems for DOS, Windows, Solaris, and Unix for over 15 years. Rick is also an accomplished network designer and administrator and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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