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ID: 16424, Comment wrapper (wraps comments on the margin as you type)

by Ryan Ackley Email: Anonymous

Formats line and javadoc comments as you type. It will wrap comments if you type past the right margin. Will also indent correctly.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 2058 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 7,496 bytes
Updated on Sat, 07 Jun 2003 14:27:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:09:49 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4AFF4C0C52665908EA33D18C1681B17536F9FB46
MD5 Hash: CDA24975074B4DB8EC330C51C87579EA

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Formats comments as you type. It will wrap comments to the next line if you type past the right margin. It will also try to guess where it should indent comments. It is also customizable as far as where you want it to indent.

It automatically will indent the next line if there is a javadoc tag on the original line. Also, it indents to the first non whitespace character.

It works just as well with line comments "//". The behaviour may be a little unpredictable with c-style comments "/* */" It assumes that you are using a semi-modern coding style.

I would like feedback for improving it and giving new features :) I hope you find it useful


Fixed a ton of bugs.

This product will disable itself after October 19, 2003. You can go to to get the unrestricted version. Costs $9.00



-fixed the bug that would prevent the Ctrl-J template popup from appearing.

-the reformat command is now Alt-B instead of Ctrl-B. It has to do with the bug above.

-fixed a bug that would cause the cursor to appear in wierd locations as comments were typed.

fixed some minor bugs and added the following features:

-You can now disable and enable the open tool by going to
Tools->Comment Options

-If you want the formatter to reformat a comment block press ALT-B.
This is useful when you delete some comments on a line and you
want to bring a line up and reformat the rest of the block.

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