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ID: 16259, Blobs information into Midas delta packet original record

by Manuel Parma Email: Anonymous

Delphi 4 to 7.
Blobs information into Midas delta packet original record
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Updated on Tue, 16 Sep 2003 07:41:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:23:41 GMT
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When using MIDAS if you use static SQL statements and your tables include blobs fields then is possible to lose blobs fields data because they are not included in delta packets when they were not modified.

Our model is based on an application server which use a data dictionary that lets users provide SQL statements (select, delete, insert and update). This way is possible to support diferent SQL servers. Nowadays we support Oracle, SQL Server 7, DB2 and SyBase.
Under this situation, SQL statements always include all fields and, by default, MIDAS only include modified fields data in delta packets. In an update SQL statement the application server needs blobs fields data always just to force an update operation and not to lose blobs fields data. For this reason we need to include blobs fields data in delta packets even if they were not modified. If we do not include blobs fields data in delta packets the application server receives null values for blobs fields data and blobs fields data in the database is lost after the update operation.

Source code below shows how to do that.

uses DbClient, DsIntf;

THackCds = class(TClientDataSet);

procedure IncludeBlobsInDelta(Cds: TClientDataSet; MaxLength: cardinal);
{Include blobs with lengths <= MaxLength this value in delta for 'original' record}
THackCds(Cds).DSBase.SetProp(dspropINCLBLOBSINDELTA, MaxLength);

NOTE: MIDAS generates SQL statements on the fly and if a field value is unasigned then that field is not included in the dinamically generated SQL statement. So if you do not use static SQL statement in your MIDAS application then you should not care about this issue.

Thanks to Pablo Reyes who helped me to search an write this hack.

Manuel Parma

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