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ID: 15954, ExpressQuantumGrid

by Dave Fuller Email: Anonymous

Winner - Best VCL Component 2000 - Delphi Informant Magazine.

The QuantumGrid Suite is the most advanced Grid, TreeList, and Data Editors
Library available for Delphi and C++Builder.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 1160 downloads
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Size: 2,476,414 bytes
Updated on Mon, 30 Apr 2001 15:28:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 30 Apr 2001 15:25:58 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6141F639D9F303D82B9BDF5299DA47448AEA7953
MD5 Hash: ABCE807D7A96B0997B82747720552562

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Winner - Best VCL Component 2000 - Delphi Informant Magazine

The QuantumGrid Suite is the most advanced Grid, TreeList, and Data Editors
Library available for Delphi and C++Builder. Written from the ground up,
this suite is 100% native VCL and is specifically designed to help you
create killer applications, deliver unbelievable features to your end-users,
and blow away your competition - all without writing a single line of source

"I can't say enough about Developer Express components. We use them because
nothing even comes close for developing elegant user interfaces easily.
These components are a must have!" Xavier Pacheco, President, Xapware
Technologies Inc. and Author of the Delphi 5 Developer's Guide

It's Not Just a Grid Control!

The ExpressQuantumGrid Suite includes the best grid control in the
business - so good in fact, in a recent review by Delphi Informant Magazine
it was said of the QuantumGrid, "After my experience with ExpressQuantumGrid
and ExpressInspector…I can't imagine developing a Delphi database
application without these tools. The grid is the most capable VCL grid I've
found. Just by using a small part of its capabilities and customization
options, my applications seem more professional, and the users enjoy the
editing capabilities."


The Suite is far more than this powerful grid control…the suite is also
comprised of a feature rich TreeList control, as well as a collection of
over 35 standalone field editors - available in data aware and non-data
aware editions.

Total Control, Flexibility and Power
The Only No Limits Grid, TreeList, and Editors Library Available for the VCL

Below is a short list of some of the features and benefits available to you
when using the QuantumGrid and QuantumTreeList controls.

Automatic Data Grouping - Without writing a single line of code. Just set
two properties at design time (or runtime) and you are on your way to
enabling an extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor inside
your applications. When in grouped mode, the ExpressQuantumGrid does not
display information in a READ-ONLY state. If you allow, your users can
continue to edit records even if data has been grouped by one or more

Automatic Sorting Against an Unlimited Number of Columns - The QuantumGrid,
and TreeList allow you to sort against one or more columns without writing a
single line of code. You can finally do what has been so sorely needed in
VCL grids...SORT on the FLY against one or more columns without having to
set the ORDER BY CLAUSE in your SQL or fussing with the TTable component.
The sorting behavior found in the ExpressQuantumGrid is exactly like that of
the List View control used in tools such as Explorer®. And just as
important, sorting can be done against one or more columns in the grid, be
it a standard column or a calculated one.

Complete Banded/Stacked Column Support - The QuantumGrid and TreeList allow
you to create banded columns to enhance the display of information to
end-users at runtime.
Instant Runtime Summaries for All Grouped Nodes - Without writing a single
line of code. You can summarize information and eliminate the need to write
complex banded reports using a traditional report writer.

Instant Runtime Summary Footers for All Grouped Nodes - Without writing a
single line of code. You can create compelling grid displays and allow your
applications to become data-analysis weapons.

Automatic Runtime Row Resizing - Users can finally adjust the height of
grid rows to meet their specific needs...In fact, The QuantumGrid can
automatically calculate the appropriate height for individual grid rows
based on the contents of a memo cell.

Built-in MS Excel® Style Data Filtering - - With the QuantumGrid, you can
quickly add filtering without writing a single line of code. (Screen shot)
Fixed Bands and Columns - Easily fix columns and bands to the left or right
side of the QuantumGrid.

Grid and TreeList Footer - Automatically summarize column data using Sum,
Count, Avg, Min and Max.

Automatic Runtime Column Selection - With the Quantum Grid and TreeList,
your end-user can control the appearance of the grid as they wish. (Screen
Auto Preview Pane - Similar to MS Outlook(r). (

New Record Row - Similar to MS Outlook(r).

Multiple Display Styles

Full MS Intellimouse Support

Save to Registry and INI Files - With just two property settings, all
runtime modifications made by end-users are automatically stored and
retrieved each time a user executes your application.

Export to XML, MS Excel®, HTML, Text, and Copy to Clipboard

Over 35 Powerful and Innovative Data Editors, available as standalone and
Inplace Cell variants

Complete Custom Draw Support - Available for columns, cells, auto preview,
and footers.

Multiple Grid Layouts (including datasets)

Incremental Search for each Column - Your users can instantly locate any
information displayed in individual columns.

Exceptional Control - Over all Aspects of the Grid's and TreeList's
Display. Whether you want to paint the grid using a flat or ultra-flat look
and feel, you have total control to do so as your needs dictate.

Full Drag & Drop Support

Multi-Line Column Captions (

Flicker Free Painting

Intelligent Scroll Bar

StyleController Technology - Universally control display styles of
individual editors, on a form, or application wide.
Action List Support

BDE Independence - You can use any TDataSet descendant to bind data to the

Ultra-Efficient Resource Usage

Standard and Extended Multi-Select Support - CTRL and SHIFT Key

QuantumWizard - A simple way to quickly set up a new grid for your

Printing Support via the ExpressPrinting System.

Over 120 Properties and 50 Options

To learn more about the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, please write to us at: or visit us online at:

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