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ID: 15895, TMS Grid Pack

by Bruno Fierens Email: Anonymous

Grid pack with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid and TAdvSpreadGrid
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 636 downloads
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Size: 1,385,513 bytes
Updated on Fri, 18 May 2001 02:51:11 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 24 Apr 2001 11:38:56 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 275F34B1C856AD5346ACF4123B9AF95192D79205
MD5 Hash: 07267982D9772B795F136A335BBAEA1B

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Feature packed grid's from TMS software including TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and dialogs for setting all print options, HTML export options, print preview and handling the various search options in the grid's. TAdvStringGrid is the base grid class with rich control of cell appearance, including images, alignment, fonts, color, HTML formatting, rich text. Support for various editors such as checkbox, combobox, radiobuttons, datetimepicker, .. and methods to use any TWinControl descendant as inplace editor. Features loading and saving to various formats such as ASCII, CSV, XLS, XML, HTML, DOC, streams. Built-in printing included with full support for all cell formatting. OLE based drag & drop compatible. Full control of navigation in the grid's. Includes various sorting capabilities such as index sort, alphabetical, numeric, case sensitive, date based, financial etc.. TAdvColumnGrid adds easy column oriented property management for the grid while TAdvSpreadGrid makes the grid formula aware turning TAdvStringGrid with all its features into a spreadsheet.

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