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ID: 15379, JavadocWizard (JDW) v1.6 for JBuilder 9/10

by Valentino Kyriakides Email: Anonymous

The JavadocWizard is an OpenTool that enables the javadoc processing and previewing directly from inside of the JBuilder IDE.
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For JBuilder, Version 9.0  to 10.0 5110 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 988,819 bytes
Updated on Mon, 29 Dec 2003 03:04:12 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Nov 2000 11:13:42 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3286E43638860686564A9829BF0A27EAE15B03D9
MD5 Hash: 11CD9D56F2EE4F28D63D63B351502AE0

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JavadocWizard v.1.6 readme.txt - 12/22/2003


(Build for JBuilder 9/10 with JDK 1.4.1 under Windows 2000/SP4)


Copyrighted (c) 2000-2003 by KyrSoft, All rights reserved


The use of this software is governed by the terms in the file License.html, which is included in this distribution. You must read this and agree to these terms before using or distributing this shareware software. The use and handling of the registration is described in the file Registration.pdf, which is also

included in this distribution.

The burnt in demo license of this Javadoc Wizard 1.6 version will expire at the 31. July 2003.


JavadocWizard is an OpenTool that enables the javadoc processing directly from inside of the JBuilder IDE. It also allows the previewing of HTML files in a default external WebBrowser, like InternetExplorer or Netscape!


This software is copyrighted (c) 2000-2003 by KyrSoft. All rights reserved.

This shareware software is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind. KyrSoft take no responsibility for any damages that may result from using it. So it's usage is on your own risk.


The software is packed inside a file.

The following files should be inside the archive:

- (Readme.html) a HTML readme file, please read this before you install

- (javadocwizard.jar) a JAR file with compiled classes

- ( a small JDW doclets tutorial

- (License.pdf) a HTML file with license notes

- (Registration.pdf) a HTML file with registration handling notes

- (javadocwizard.pdf) an usage manual

- (Orderform-us.txt) a text file with a registration form

- (Orderform-de.txt) a german text file with a registration form


Unpack the archive and put the following files into the indicated places:

- the JAR file (javadocwizard.jar) into the \lib\ext directory

- the ZIP file ( where you want, it contains a small JDW doclet tutorial project

Restart JBuilder. There should be a new item under the "Wizards" menu named "Javadoc Wizard...". You should now be able to use this JavadocWizard menu entry.


To uninstall the Javadoc Wizard just delete the JAR file from the ..\lib\ext directory under your JBuilder installation directory. Then restart JBuilder.


Usage of this "JavadocWizard" should be straight forward for those who know the old JB3 Javadoc Wizard. People who don't know it, should take a look into the JBuilder 8/9 online help parts of the JDK 1.4.1, which describe the standard Sun "javadoc" commandline tool. This "JavadocWizard" OpenTool is just a GUI frontend to the underlaying JDK 1.4.1 commandline "javadoc" tool supplied by Sun. Simplified, all it does is to collect your settings and adjustments and then to pass these to an external started "javadoc" process. NOTE, that the initial "standard option" settings you make inside the JavadocWizard will be saved into a "jdw" directory of your actual JBuilder project directory. The corresponding "advanced option" settings will be saved into *another* "" file inside your actual JBuilder "jdw" project directory!

IMPORTANT: for the JavadocWizard to work, you must always have defined an own package structure in your projects, otherwise the JavadocWizard won't process your projects. This is due to the way how the underlaying JDK's javadoc commandline tool works!


The Javadoc Wizard documentation is available from the wizard pages by pressing the Help button. To read the documentation without running JBuilder, you may extract the documentation from the file jdwizarddoc.jar, which is included in this distribution.

If you choose to extract the documentation (this is not necessary), you will probably want to create a separate directory for these files. Assuming that you have the distribution files unpacked into the current directory, you could use the following commands:

jar xf javadocwizard.jar help

cd help

When you have done this, open the file javadocwizard.html using a web browser.


- The JDW has been adapted for JBuilder 8/9 and it's underlaying JDK 1.4.1.

- The package detection algorithm has been again enhanced and optimized for JB8/9.

- The external Javadoc process panel showup and the Javadoc process handling have been reworked. There are now process state indication icons shown on the JDW's message category tab.

- There is now a more comfortable parameter editor available for the advanced option table parameters. This should ease the table inputs for the advanced option table.


- The JDW has been adapted for JBuilder 6 and 7.

- The package detection algorithm has been enhanced and optimized for JB6/7.

- The automatic subpackage recognition feature of JDW 1.3 has now been reenabled for JDW 1.5. It works now again behind the scenes as in JDW 1.3. - Thanks to Robert Hedin of Wormhole Infotech for diging into deep tryouts and testing!

- The JDW 1.5 can now really quote »"paths with spaces"« for the javadoc runtime processing on demand. This can be setup via a new Quote paths checkbox on the first wizard page. Note that this forces JDW 1.5 to fall back to the previous JDW 1.3 javadoc commandline execution style. This seems to be the only way to quote javadoc commandline options, since javadoc @argumentfiles can't be quoted

in any way! - Thanks to Marc Lennox of MxI Technologies for tryouts and testing!

- JDW 1.5 should now be able to reuse older JDW 1.3 project package settings completely. At least I hope so?

- JDW 1.5 fixes a little bug for it's custom cascading stylesheet generation.

- The JDW 1.5 lists on the first wizard page have been enlarged, so the users can better read longer list entries.

- The JDW 1.5 has now 3 possibilities to rerun the javadoc process with the previous setup options for the actual project, without stepping again through the wizard pages. Thanks to Gillmer J. Derge for the idea and some interesting tech talks about this!

- The JDW 1.5 creates automatically a script file with the previous setup options for the actual project and includes this as a script node into the project view.

- The JDW 1.5 tab panes can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.

- The JDW 1.5 shows now description tooltips on the second wizard page advanced option table. So the user can even read option decriptions without having to resize the page panel.


- The JDW uses now the common JBuilder lists instead of text fields for the first wizard page, since this offers more comfort and flexibility for the users.

- The JDW generates and uses now javadoc argument files for the package, source- and classpath options. This should prevent problems with the limit to the number of characters Windows allows on the command line, which is about 1000 characters.

- The JDW has now a style sheet pane on the second wizard page, which allows the customization of the default javadoc cascading style sheet file. The original javadoc generated cascading style sheet file will be renamed and preserved.

- The JDW will setup and use it's own jdw subdirectory for property and javadoc argument files inside a project directory. So the main directory is not filled with too much single files.

- The main ..\lib\ext\ file resists now inside the javadocwizard.jar file to ease the installation.

- The JDW registers and can execute selected batch, shell and perl scripts from inside the JBuilder project pane. This might be usefull for other special purpose javadoc processings.

- The table rows of the advanced option pane can now be shown sorted by clicking the « or » character on a column header.

- The JDW 1.4 should be backward compatible to projects which have been processed with the JDW 1.3. At least I hope so, since I tried my best to let it recognize previous JDW project settings.


- The Javadoc Wizard can now be used to show HTML file references in a defaultexternal WebBrowser. Under Windows the default WebBrowser is determined and used. Under Unix only Netscape is supported and has to be in a reachable path. This should allow a much quicker previewing of generated HTML files, than JBuilder's internal webview can do!

- There is now a simple "javadoc and preview in an default external WebBrowser" menu entry in the project pane for *single* javafile processing. This feature is only meant for quick layout/preview issues, since somebody from the OT newsgroup wished to have something like this. It doesn't use the settings of the Javadoc Wizard's wizard pages, only standard javadoc defaults. But it shares the messageview (in a simpler form) from the wizard.

- Generated javadoc HTML file references can be accessed/previewed directly from the Javadoc Wizard messageview in the default external WebBrowser via pressing the F1 key or using a custom messageview menu entry.

- Project pane HTML file references can also be accessed/previewed directly in a external webbrowser.

- There is now a "Javadoc Wizard view license" menu entry under the main view menu. This gives users a chance to relicense their version to another license, even if they have a license.

- Some minor license stuff handling has been slightly changed, but doesn't affect previous licenses.


- There is now a simple process dialog for canceling/killing the external javadoc process, a killed process will also be indicated in a messageview line. There are also keyboard access keys available for the process dialog, which should allow quick action handling to prevent for huge theading issues.

- Messageview output is now generally filtered and message lines are iconified to give a better overview.

- Message lines with a something not found file reference can be clicked or double clicked, in order to open these at the indicated position in the JBuilder editor.

- Generated javadoc HTML file references can be accessed/previewed directly from the Javadoc Wizard messageview via double clicking.

- The Javadoc Wizard takes/uses now internally the full source- and classpath from the JBuilder IDE for processing the external javadoc utility.

- The Javadoc Wizard menu entry under the Wizards menu has been fixed, it appears now even if you didn't opened one of your projects sourcefile.

- The online help has been reworked and hopefully been improved.


- Reworked and compiled for JBuilder 3.5.

- Removed Process.waitFor() call for the external javadoc process, since this freezed/blocked the external process under jdk 1.2.2.

- Reworked the processing dialog, which runs now in a separate thread and disappears after ~three seconds.

- NOTE: this version has only been tested under JBuilder 3.5 so far.


- Initial version of the JavadocWizard intended as an fowollow up to the first JavadocTool version 1.0 beta.

- Explicit build for Borlands JBuilder 4.0 with the JB4 beta Trinity. Runs only with JBuilder 4.0.

- This version is wizard based and uses JBuilders wizard page concept.

- Uses the messageview for output.

- Has a clumsy processing dialog.


If you have any questions or you encounter problems using this

software, contact KyrSoft.


For more information, see none

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