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Submissions by Sergey Kryukov


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20656 Delphi Source Code SAEdit: Enhancement for Delphi IDE
Wanted to add a few features to make a daydream editor out of your Delphi IDE?
How to do that? See SAEdit for Delphi.
11/26/2003 6:26:04 AM 377 16.5K
20709 C#Builder Source Code SA Grep: regular expression search (a bug fixed)
Simple winexe Grep, but REALLY working: background thread search, subdirectories and other options, neat GUI, etc. Important: demonstrates cross-thread event notifications. Commented source code.
10/9/2003 1:04:59 PM 157 14.6K
20747 C++Builder Source Code SA Grep bug fixed (simple regular expression search)
See "SA Grep: regular exception search", contribution ID: 20709
10/9/2003 11:42:21 AM 4 0 bytes
17740 Delphi APIs MOON Lab Presentation/Control Server
The MOON Lab Presentation/Control Server introduces novel concept –-"Asynchronous Process Control" -- possibility to control application's behavior via the Server's GUI using "registration of variables".
10/8/2003 10:13:15 AM 500 1.1MB
20735 C#Builder Best Techniques How to prevent multiple application instances?
There are many solutions published. This is the only complete one, as far as I know.
10/7/2003 9:09:40 AM 625 5.4K

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