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Submissions by Brian Long


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28225 Prism Source Code Delphi Prism examples for iPhone
Collection of Delphi Prism sample applications for iPhone
2/7/2011 9:26:42 PM 365 1.4MB
28191 Prism Source Code Delphi Prism torch simple example for iPhone
Delphi Prism torch utility sample application for iPhone
1/25/2011 9:08:12 AM 77 9K
27473 Prism Source Code Delphi Prism examples for Mono
Sample Delphi Prism projects showing Mono support via cross-platform applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. GTK#, Monobjc, Winforms, console.
2/12/2010 10:27:45 AM 212 1.7MB
19518 C++Builder Source Code Updated version of qtintf.dll for BCB6 users
C++Builder 6 has no printing support in CLX applications.
2/7/2003 12:32:43 AM 703 1.8MB
19525 Kylix Source Code Unofficial replacement for Kylix 3's Qt.hpp to allow cross-platf
This replacement version of Qt.hpp allows cross-platform Qt code to be written in Kylix 3 (C++)
2/7/2003 12:24:57 AM 338 60.2K
19509 Delphi Source Code SAPI 4 low-level interface sample programs & support packages
SAPI 4 low-level interface samples
2/7/2003 12:20:28 AM 1248 163.4K
19510 Delphi Source Code SAPI 4 high-level interface sample programs & support package
SAPI 4 high-level interface samples
2/7/2003 12:19:59 AM 878 186K
19514 C++Builder Source Code Unofficial replacement for BCB6's Qt.hpp to allow Qt programming
Unofficial replacement for Qt.hpp for C++Builder 6
2/5/2003 9:50:44 AM 575 104.2K
19333 Delphi Source Code Object Destructors & Finalizers in .NET Using C# and Delphi for
This code accompanies the article: Object Destructors and Finalizers in .NET Using C# and Delphi for .NET, by Brian Long
1/30/2003 9:08:32 AM 206 25.7K
19511 Delphi Source Code SAPI 5.1 sample programs & support packages for Delphi
SAPI 5.1 Automation samples
1/28/2003 6:14:58 AM 3653 190.1K
16787 Delphi Source Code Utility To Enable Missing Delphi 6 Code Completion Feature
This utility lets you use a documented, but disabled, excellent new Delphi 6 Code Completion feature
12/9/2002 1:47:50 AM 3861 2.7K

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