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Submissions by John Alessi


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20587 C#Builder Components FreeSMTP.Net
Free SMTP component for creating and sending Internet email from .Net apps.
9/10/2003 4:10:10 AM 139 1,002K
20584 C#Builder Components EasyMail .Net Edition
Email components for .Net. Full featured, easy to use, reliable, 100% managed. Create, send and retrieve Internet email. SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Parsing. Royalty-free.

9/9/2003 4:12:46 AM 205 2.9MB
18432 Delphi Components EasyMail Objects 6.0
The EasyMail Objects will enable your Delphi application to send, retrieve, merge, compose, view, edit, store and print Internet e-mail messages.

7/25/2002 1:09:36 PM 616 2MB

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