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Submissions by Colin Adams


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18547 Delphi Binaries Visual Patch 1.0
Visual Patch is the easy way to make professional-quality full-history patches for your software and other electronic content.
7/31/2002 9:16:53 AM 123 3.7MB
18546 Delphi Binaries AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0
Create impressive CD-ROM AutoPlay / AutoRun menu systems with an easy to use visual development environment.
7/31/2002 9:07:17 AM 221 6.6MB
18545 Delphi Binaries TrueUpdate 1.0
TrueUpdate is a comprehensive solution for corporate IT departments, ISV's, and government developers wanting to integrate automated live updating capabilities into their software.
7/31/2002 8:42:39 AM 179 5MB
18434 Delphi Binaries Setup Factory 6.0
Setup Factory 6.0 created compact, professional single-file software installers for deployment via CD-ROM, Internet and LAN using a visual development environment
7/25/2002 1:42:51 PM 284 8.4MB

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