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Submissions by Rommel Abesames


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21192 Delphi Source Code Threaded File Scanner
A Delphi component that allows easy searching for files in a directory. Comes with both a threaded and non-threaded version.
12/8/2003 10:29:15 AM 631 5.6K
20188 Delphi Binaries Dupes (Search duplicate images)
The is the little brother of ClipartDB. Simple and focused, it just scans the folders on your hard disk and detects the duplicate images.
7/18/2003 10:55:11 AM 112 493.3K
20185 Delphi Binaries ClipartDB
(Minor update) ClipartDB provides a way to store images in a database. It uses MS SQL Server/MSDE with support for Interbase/Firebird planned.
7/18/2003 10:41:17 AM 143 925.7K
19961 Delphi Components Alternative Month Calendar Component
Improved color schemes, pure VCL, accepts items with start and end dates that show up on the calendar as horizontal lines.
6/5/2003 12:02:40 PM 507 44.3K

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