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Submissions by brett liddicoet


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18608 Delphi Components oxButtons 7
Allows you to instantly convert your current button controls to oxButton with a single menu click.
8/1/2002 8:58:59 PM 190 1,009.3K
18607 Delphi OpenTools WithView 7
WithView makes it easier for the developer to navigate his way
around the various IDE windows and designers.
8/1/2002 8:58:20 PM 206 401.4K
18606 Delphi OpenTools WithPalette 7
WithPalette makes it easier for the developer to place components on forms.
WithPalette can be used with or without the IDE's ComponentPalette.
8/1/2002 8:56:59 PM 226 415.1K
18651 Delphi Components oxWave 7
ToxWavEvent is a component that instantlly adds sounds to form and application events.
8/1/2002 8:08:39 PM 121 1.3MB
18649 Delphi Components oxSplits 7
oxSplit allows the application developer to add a split pane window to their application.
8/1/2002 6:49:12 PM 90 729.8K
18648 Delphi Components oxPersist 7
oxPersist is a drop in component for Delphi which will automatically save property settings at runtime.
8/1/2002 6:04:13 PM 183 812.8K
18647 Delphi Components oxMenus 7
Enhanced Menus.
Now use different fonts, colors, banners, backgrounds for each MenuItem and and SubMenu
8/1/2002 5:49:38 PM 263 857.5K
18645 Delphi Components oxLabels, oxMarquee 7
oxLabel is an enhanced Label control which supports many more features than the standard Delphi TLabel.
8/1/2002 5:35:57 PM 157 807.5K
18644 Delphi Components oxGauge 7
ToxGauge is a Delphi specific meter or progressbar control.
8/1/2002 5:26:23 PM 158 731.7K
18643 Delphi Components oxForm 7
oxForm - The ideal Delphi form enhancement component. Just drop the oxForm component on any Delphi form.
8/1/2002 5:17:10 PM 193 874.4K
18640 Delphi Components oxDockBar 7
oxDockBar allows the application developer to add any control to a sizable toolbar.
8/1/2002 4:59:24 PM 113 1MB
18599 Delphi Components Venus 7
The perfect interface for out of this world Delphi applications.
Venus contains numerous components at a reduced price.

8/1/2002 9:38:17 AM 106 5MB

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