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Web client

The browser interface to CodeCentral(CC) is now live. This web client is focused on performance, and replacing the functionality found in the prior CGI version of CodeCentral. Please report all issues and feature requests to QualityCentral .


Every page should have the same common look and feel, that is consistent among all the EDN and Embarcadero sites.   CodeCentral also provides common functionality available on all of its pages.    The left side of the page lists all of the products that can be found in CodeCentral.  By clicking on one of these products it will take you to the product page, and the left hand side will be expanded to list the categories for the selected product. 

Below the common menu displayed for all of EDN, you will find tabs that will take you to the various other EDN systems, if a product is selected in CodeCentral it will take you that product area in the selected system.  For example if you have selected the Delphi product area in CodeCentral and you press on the "Event" tab, it will take you to the Delphi events listed in EventCentral .

Below the tabs, you will find additional links such as to Search  the repository, and Add Snippets  to the repository.

To start using the CodeCentral web client, click on .   This will display the product matrix, and links to the CodeCentral authors by last name.    These can be used to navigate quickly to common areas by browsing. 

Thanks for your participation, and thank you for helping make CodeCentral as beneficial to the Embarcadero community as possible.

Smart URLs

If you are using any URLs that referenced the CCWeb.exe CGI application they should automatically redirect you to the correct area in the new application.     In additional a new url structure has been have been introduced to allow easier navigation, if you type in URLs directly into your browser.<snippet #> Specified Snippet Page<author #> Specified Author Page<productname>  Specified product page<productname>/<category> Specified product and category page<productname>/<category>/add Add snippets page, with specified product and category.<productname>/recent  Recent entries page for specified product Add snippets page<letter A-Z> Authors starting with first letter of last name specified. Highest Rated Submissions Lowest Rated Submissions Search Page

But don't worry, if you don't type in url's into the browser, all of this can be reached via the menus.


There is not currently any documentation for CodeCentral. We hope that the interface is mostly self-explanatory, but if there are any aspiring writers out there please feel free to take a crack at a user's manual.

Bug Reports

There is already an CodeCentral area in QualityCentral. Please use it for reporting bugs, and try to exercise all features of CodeCentral in the client environment.

How it was built

The web client version of the CodeCentral was built with the following tools, code and technologies:

The Team

CodeCentral has been around for quite some time, and has had many people work on it. Since I don't know all of the previous team members I will only attempt to list all of those that helped build the current ASP.NET version.

John Kaster Chief Architect and Developer
Jeff Overcash Architect and Developer
David Clegg Developer
Robert Love Developer
Gillmer Derge Look and Feel, Testing
Dan Miser
Chad Hower
Tom Lam Look and Feel, Testing

Most of Team B

Testing and Very Valuable Feedback
Community All of you in the community that have assisted by giving feedback in QC and in the newsgroups.

-Thank you, David Clegg (

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