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ID: 29079, RADXE3 Demos - 14 - HTML5 Builder CSS3 Animations and Themes

by David Intersimone Email: Anonymous

HTML5 Builder (also included in RAD Studio XE3) includes support for CSS3 client-side animations and mobile themes. This short video will show you how to use animations and mobile themes.
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Updated on Sun, 14 Oct 2012 20:38:10 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 14 Oct 2012 20:38:00 GMT
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HTML5 Builder (also included in RAD Studio XE3) includes support for CSS3 client-side animations and mobile themes. HTML5 based controls can be animated as a response to client-side events using a property editor where you can visualize your animations as you define them. Animations are not something that you just trigger on a control. You add an animation to a control, and as a result the animation is triggered on the control. HTML5 Builder also supports creating CSS3 themes for JQuery Mobile controls. When working on Mobile Theming, you can work either with JQuery Mobile Theming (using the integrated JQuery Mobile Theme Roller - or directly with style properties. In JQuery Mobile theming, themes are single CSS files with a basic theme definition. A theme can also include color variations or swatches. Each of these variations is assigned a letter from a to z. Color variation with letter a will be chosen by default. This short video will introduce you to HTML5 Builder's support for animations and mobile themes.

There is additional information for Animations and Mobile Themes on the Embarcadero HTML5 Buuilder DocWiki at:

Animations -

Mobile Theming -

October 14 - HTML5 Builder support for CSS3 Client-Side Animations and Mobile Themes

Watch on YouTube:

Duration: 3 minutes and 33 seconds

Size: 17.8mb

Format: MP4

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