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ID: 26159, DeCAL (Update 2) for Delphi 2009

by Andreas Hausladen Email: Anonymous

Delphi 2009 port of the Container and Algorithm Library (DeCAL) by Ross Judson
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For Delphi, Version 12.0  to 12.0 557 downloads
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Size: 264,048 bytes
Updated on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:11:20 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:02:58 GMT
SHA1 Hash: F580BE9840DB03105F8F7C49B22BC5C5092A4D24
MD5 Hash: AEB97B0D94CF616867A707E66054CE1D

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The Delphi Container and Algorithm Library (DeCAL) is a powerful library of reusable container classes, generic algorithms, and an easy to use persistence mechanism. It is similar to and based on Stepanov's STL.

This is a port of Ross Judson's DeCAL library (last updated in 2000) to Delphi 2009.

2009-01-15: (Update 2)
- Fixed: WideString hashing code
- Added: inline support
- Added: WideCompareText (with Win95 support) for Delphi 5

2009-01-08: (Update 1)
- Fixed DMap.SetComparator access violation

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