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ID: 19723, Enhanced jpeg implementation

by Gabriel Corneanu Email: Anonymous

lossless transformation support for jpeg images; CMYK support; bug fix
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 14.0 3988 downloads
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Size: 1,890,001 bytes
Updated on Sat, 17 May 2014 00:43:20 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 05 Apr 2003 04:13:20 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 10DF92C9D5C760A87A5068379488BE0E7C339D5F
MD5 Hash: 2E1F9D574370FEE8BF4B19DE4F2FA1BF

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Gabriel Corneanu

The source is published on sourceforge.

Old description.
This unit contains a new jpeg implementation (based on Delphi original)
-fixed bug accessing one pixel height picture
-added lossless transformation support for jpeg images (based on Thomas G. Lane C library - visit )
-added CMYK support (read only)
-compiled for D5-2010 AND BCB5-6
-CMYK to RGB fast MMX conversion (not for Delphi5, lack of MMX ASM)
(fallback to simple pascal implementation if not available)
-fixed bug in Delphi 5 ASM (CMYK to RGB function)

You only need the jpeg.dcu file; it can be copied to program directory or to the LIB directory.
I generated obj and hpp files for use with CBuilder 5 and 6 also.

This is what you need to use it:
- this is just an enum
TJpegTransform = (
jt_FLIP_H, { horizontal flip }
jt_FLIP_V, { vertical flip }
jt_TRANSPOSE, { transpose across UL-to-LR axis }
jt_TRANSVERSE, { transpose across UR-to-LL axis }
jt_ROT_90, { 90-degree clockwise rotation }
jt_ROT_180, { 180-degree rotation }
jt_ROT_270 { 270-degree clockwise (or 90 ccw) }
- procedure Crop(xoffs, yoffs, newwidth, newheight: integer);
this method is cropping the image
- procedure Transform(Operation: TJpegTransform);
this method is applying the specified transformation; read the transupp.h comments about limitations
(my code is using crop option)
- property IsCMYK: boolean read FIsCMYK;
this will indicate if the last jpeg image loaded is CMYK encoded
- property InverseCMYK: boolean read FInverseCMYK write SetInverseCMYK;
if set (default, because I could only find this kind of images), the CMYK image is decoded with inversed CMYK values (I read that Photoshop is doing this).

Fixed error with grayscale images (D2010 only!).

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