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ID: 14809, Update (V1.1) Tutorial: Multithreading - The Delphi way

by Martin Harvey Email: Anonymous

A comprehensive tutorial on multithreaded programming techniques in Delphi.
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Updated on Sat, 16 Sep 2000 13:45:21 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:30:35 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 25EC25279EE525521BBD206EB3904C0E7302EC10
MD5 Hash: 19BAF8EAC987C90F4C21EC69D4B94DB1

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This is a comprehensive tutorial on
thread programming, containing over 50 example pieces of source code.

Improvements to Version 1.1 include:

Corrected some spelling and punctuation errors in the prose, and rewrote some unclear explanations. Chapters 1-9 and 12 modified.
Added change history and other credits to contents page.
Renamed Chapter 12.

Added Chapter 14 covering:
Multithreaded and Multiprocess DLL writing.
Usage of the DLL Entry Point Function.
Exception handling in Threads.
Using Threads with the BDE.

Other topics covered include:

What are threads? Why use them?
Creating a thread in Delphi.
Basic synchronization.
Simple thread destruction.
Critical sections and mutexes.
Mutex programming guidelines and Concurrency control.
Delphi thread safe classes and Priorities.
Semaphores. Data flow scheduling. The producer - consumer
I/O and data flow: from blocking to asynchronous and back.
Synchronizers and Events.

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Reply  Posted by Larry Killen on Dec 13 2012
Tutorial: Multithreading - The Delphi way
Reply  Posted by Martin Harvey on Jul 23 2000
re: Tutorial: Multithreading - The Delphi way

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