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ID: 7, Set Focus to contained controls

by Mike Orriss Email: Anonymous

Set Focus to contained controls
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 4.0 285 downloads
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Size: 675 bytes
Updated on Thu, 18 Oct 2001 23:34:46 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 09 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 5C9FC2479AF6E7566320400578EB36F5B744E2DA
MD5 Hash: BC7A7CAB15C2BCBDD4FE02BF278600EB

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Question: Is there any way of setting focus to a control even if its parent control is not currently visible?

Answer: The following function supports TPageControl, TTabbedNotebook and TNotebooks at any level of nesting:

function SetFocusOK(frm: TForm; ctl: TWinControl): boolean;
Result := False;
if (frm=nil) or (not frm.Visible) then exit;

Result := ctl.CanFocus;
if not Result then begin
Result := ctl.CanFocus;
if Result then ctl.SetFocus;

To give focus to button3 on form2 you then just say:

if SetFocusOK(form2,button3) then ....

The main work is done by recursive calls to SetFocusOKhelper, which travels up the control tree as far as is necessary:

function SetFocusOKhelper(frm: TForm; ctl: TWinControl): boolean;
ctl.Enabled := True;
ctl.Visible := True;
Result := (ctl.Parent <> nil);
if (not Result) or (ctl.Parent=frm) then exit;

if ctl is TTabSheet then
(ctl.Parent as TPageControl).ActivePage := TTabSheet(ctl)
else if ctl is TPage then
(ctl.Parent as TNoteBook).ActivePage := TPage(ctl).Caption
else if ctl is TTabPage then
(ctl.Parent as TTabbedNoteBook).ActivePage := TTabPage(ctl).Caption;

Result := (ctl.CanFocus and ctl.Parent.CanFocus);
if not Result then Result := SetFocusOKhelper(frm,ctl.Parent);

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