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ID: 29143, Dev Direct "Language Focus" webinar demos (02.12.2012)

by Pawel Glowacki Email: Anonymous

The "Language Focus" demos from the "Developer Direct" Season 2 Episode Nr 4 held on 2 Nov 2012
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For Delphi, Version 17.0  to 17.0 93 downloads
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Updated on Sat, 03 Nov 2012 06:35:19 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 03 Nov 2012 06:35:09 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8C9766BA2CF3D4CAEF39151ABB93259FC5703107
MD5 Hash: AA1B15C5E900F012D6C8B256CE210504

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Yesterday we have been presenting with Jason Vokes two hour "Developer Direct" webinar on what’s new and what’s cool in the Delphi language. During the session I have promised to make the source code for all demos presented available.

In the download there are six simple demo projects illustrating different Delphi language features introduced in XE3 and in the few last releases, including:
- New XE3 "record helpers"
- Operator overloading
- Class constructors and destructors
- Generic Collections
- Anonymous Methods
- Custom Attributes and the new RTTI
- Casting interface to object references

More info here:
"Developer Direct" webinars are every Friday at 11am European time. They are free, but you need to register here:

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