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ID: 28789, SOAP WebServices demos for Delphi XE and XE2

by Warren Postma Email: Anonymous

SOAP WebServices demos for Delphi XE and XE2. They're back!
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For Delphi, Version 15.0  to 16.0 3800 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 1,980,376 bytes
Updated on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 12:56:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 12:55:54 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 0A741DE6730F28AE343DD0E8E9B785A351B9DCA1
MD5 Hash: 7805C5AE943AE6D28ABD4921D8817F4A

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Delphi 7 and 2007 contained some SOAP demos in their Demos folders, in later versions of Delphi, the Samples moved around, and at some point, the SOAP demos were gone. Now they've been updated for Delphi XE and XE2. Now they're back!

Now that Delphi's Wizard supports VCL Indy standalone servers, it makes sense to add those to the demos, so they've been added.

The demos included are:

Web Services DB Server -- all in one EXE containing an internal client and server.

Echo Service client and server -- simple echo tests in separate clients and servers. CGI, WAD, and now INDY VCL server versions included.

Web Services demo for Issues Sample -- Do an SQL query and remote it through soap. Similar to Web Services DB Server, it is an all in one EXE containing an internal client and server.

PostSOAP - a tool for constructing HTTP Post requests. Useful in testing and debugging, though not as sophisticated as using SoapUI.

SoapDBAttachClient - a demo Client for showing binary file attachments via SOAP.

DBAttachmentsSoapIndyServer - New indy VCL server for DB attachments.

DBAttachServerCGI - Renamed from DBAttachServer -- this is the CGI version of the above server.

SOAPDMClient - soap datamodule client demo.

SOAPDMServer[CGI,WAD,INDY] - three versions of the server for the above client. Probably your first and most important soap demo server!

BankAccount_[CGI,WAD] - Bank account server (INDY VCL server not created yet).

BankAccount_Client - client that works with bank account soap server.

Getting started: Open the groupproject file and build all.

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