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ID: 27691, TPoint and TRect Record Helpers

by Jim Ferguson Email: Anonymous

Using Delphi record helpers to enhance TRect and TPoint without touching source code.
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For Delphi, Version 11.0  to 13.0 188 downloads
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Size: 1,773 bytes
Updated on Wed, 28 Apr 2010 16:16:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 28 Apr 2010 16:16:45 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1E0D0210C78CD9CDB35A5F1A66CE1A95F351FF05
MD5 Hash: 3550CA262A9664B737584D4F638A4F1F

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This is a record helper for TRect and TPoint. These examples show ways to enhance the structures in other units to add things with

setting a rectangle's dimensions though Width and Height properties
how about a TPoint that is the TopRight and the BottomLeft, growing, moving, swapping, converting to a string. Etc.

TRect_Helper = record helper for TRect
function GetHeight: Integer; inline;
function GetWidth: Integer; inline;
procedure SetHeight(const Value: Integer); inline;
procedure SetWidth(const Value: Integer); inline;
function GetSize: TSIze;
procedure SetSize(const Value: TSIze);
function GetBottomLeft: TPoint;
function GetTopRight: TPoint;
procedure SetBottomLeft(const Value: TPoint);
procedure SetTopRight(const Value: TPoint);
function Equals(const B: TRect): Boolean; inline;
procedure Add(const Value: TRect);
procedure AssignTLWH(Left,Top,Width,Height: Integer);
procedure AssignLW(Left,Width: Integer);
procedure Grow(DX,DY: Integer);
procedure Move(DX,DY: Integer);
procedure GDIAdjust;
procedure SwapH;
procedure SwapV;
procedure CheckOrder;
function ToString: String;
procedure AlignToPoint(const APoint: TPoint; const ASize: TSize; Align: TTextAlign);
property Width: Integer read GetWidth write SetWidth;
property Height: Integer read GetHeight write SetHeight;
property Size: TSIze read GetSize write SetSize;
property TopRight: TPoint read GetTopRight write SetTopRight;
property BottomLeft: TPoint read GetBottomLeft write SetBottomLeft;

TPoint_Helper = record helper for TPoint
function Equals(const B: TPoint): Boolean; inline;
function Assign(Point: TPoint): Boolean; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
procedure Inc; overload; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
procedure Inc(Delta: Integer); overload; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
procedure Inc(DeltaX,DeltaY: Integer); overload; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
procedure Inc(Delta: TPoint); overload; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
procedure Dec(DeltaX,DeltaY: Integer); overload; {$IFDEF USE_INLINE}inline;{$ENDIF}
class function New(AX,AY: Integer): TPoint; static;
procedure SetZero;
function ToString: String;
function Convert(const Value: TSize): TPoint; inline;


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