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ID: 26951, C to Pascal Converter

by Al Gun Email: Anonymous

C to Pascal Converter update
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 10.0 5746 downloads
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Size: 4,065,782 bytes
Updated on Sat, 04 Jul 2015 15:28:53 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 15 Jun 2009 04:35:52 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 061836379FCF8BE61FCC5773A54FD8442547DE97
MD5 Hash: 4DD1FFA09D3B5E5FE9A478669C06F7C2

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1/7/2015 - Update
* Info link:

1/3/2014 - Update
* Record blocks converting bugs fixed,
* Access violation error on Macro conversion fixed,
* About dialog box replaced,
* Version updated

16/10/2013 - Update
* Enumeration bugs fixed,
* Constant definition conversion bugs fixed,
* Identifiers in comments were causing bugs, fixed

07/07/2013 - Update
* Sadly..! We are on Facebook too..!!
* New improvements on interface & class conversions
* Repaired reported bugs

01/04/2012 - Update
* Converting #if defines improved
* Converting Callback functions and parameters improved
* Prevents converting identifiers within strings
* Repaired reported bugs

26/03/2012 - Update
* Internal repairs,
* Check for memory leaks,
* Memory management improved

20/11/2011 - Update
* Major bug issues, fixed
* Converting Callback functions
* Fixed bugs Converting GUID Macros
* Updated help issues
* C to Pascal Converter awarded 100% Clean Software and available at SoftPedia to download now :))

19/08/2010 - Update
* All data and project files redirected to ..\Program Files\Common
Files\CToPas Shared.. rather!
* Easy setup via Setup.exe, unzip this file and run Setup.exe, CToPas
2.0 will be installed in .\Program Files\Al Gun\Special
Editors\CToPas folder... after installation, a help file will pop-
up for Vista and/or Windows 7 issues...

17/08/2010 - Update
* All data and project files redirected to ..\Program Files\CToPas
* A help file included in this package how to run CToPas 2.0 under
Vista and/or Win7
* Few small bug fixes

02/08/2010 - Update
* Major bug fixes!
* Converting files much faster now!

24/05/2010 - Update
* "List out of index ..." bug has been fixed.

01/05/2010 - Update
* Number of bug fixes
* Fixed "Access Violations" in Project mode
* Help file included to run CToPas under Vista
* A new feature added for Unicode functions

26/04/2010 - Update
* Number of bug fixes
* Project options improved
* Blogger site opened, can be reach at

26/10/2009 - Update
* Number of bugs fixed
* Multi-arrays properly converting,
* Type definitions tables updated

18/09/2009 - Update
* Number of bugs fixed
* Converting record blocks
* Type definitions tables updated

17/07/2009 - Update
C2Pas didn't run under Win 98SE, for some API function/s, static loading was used and failed under 98SE, now using dynamic loading, bug fixed.

21/07/2009 - Update - this should be 21/06/2009
Some minor bug fixes.

C2Pas not tested under Vista (any version)!!! May not run under Vista

C to Pascal Converter v2.0 has lots of new features. I apologise to all those who have waited so long for me to come up with this version. Also to all those who sent me feedback telling me how to improve C to Pascal Converter, Thank you.

For those who wish to be notified of updates of C to Pascal Converter, please send me an email, with subject:"subscribe to C to Pascal Converter". You will be automatically notified.

I have previously been asked to add an option for financial support, it is available in the help file, along with instructions for those who wish to do so.

Al from Australia
Happy coding!!!

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