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ID: 26863, Hitsoft SQL Object Library v.1.0

by Hitsoft Team Email: Anonymous

Development framework for "advanced" work with SQL data bases. Including all aspects from opening connection to database server, query creation, creation and control of transactions and finishing with receive of data according to request.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 1.0 119 downloads
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Size: 131,807 bytes
Updated on Wed, 08 Apr 2009 23:43:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 08 Apr 2009 23:43:28 GMT
SHA1 Hash: FF15ED25318E8C964539654B4CE34C30B7F0383B
MD5 Hash: 13DFB92126A28FAAB02BC37E08C8BF43

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Hitsoft SQL Object Library is a development framework for alternative work with SQL databases.

The general idea of HitSQL is to hide the text version SQL queries from the Developer. So the Developer works with SQL queries the Ctrl-Space way he use for writing his programs in Delphi using non-visual style of work with databases.

On the lower layer of database access you can find some data provider component like ADO, BDE, ZDO and so on. HitSQL could work with any data provider. We have already work with ADO and ZDO. HitSQL is supposed to be used with any SQL server. For that purpose we have special layer named SQL Dialect that hides different SQL specifics for different SQL Servers. This are such specifics as Tables and fields quotation, keywords, auto-increment fields and generators and so on.

The role of HitSQL is to be placed between Developer and Database provider. So Developer design Queries according to Database structure objects using Ctrl-Space technique and HitSQL generates the proper SQL query for exact SQL Dialect and Server. As a result, HitSQL returns the TDataSet object, so Developer can work with data any way he likes.

Key Features:
# Multi-thread access Database Connection Pool (one thread - one connection)
# All queries are controlled by compiler (if you need to rename the database table of field, compiler will not let you to compile wrong names)
# Auto-incremented Primary Keys support
# Foreign Keys support in meta-data
# Primary-Foreign Key relations implemented as inheritance of meta-data objects
# Automatical joins for Foreign Key relations
# Aggregates support
# Calculated fields support
# Manual Transactions support
# No royalties
# Native Delphi framework, full source code available

Versions and Licenses

# Dual licensing model (
# Free OpenSource GPL v.3 License for OpenSource developers. (
# Commercial Licenses with Support for proprietary software. (

All commercial licenses are royalty free. It means you may develop any number of applications for any number of users using this product without additional fees.

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