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ID: 26726, Firebird 2.0 API

by Santos Zatarain Vera Email: Anonymous

Firebird 2.0 API
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For Delphi, Version 10.0  to 10.0 492 downloads
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Size: 69,866 bytes
Updated on Fri, 15 May 2009 15:38:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 09 Mar 2009 17:45:10 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 0C9C8C40DF9FCB45E65237B573591A29C44297ED
MD5 Hash: 340271DB566773EB41612F9B12740CEC

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Firebird 2.0 is:
* Open Source RDBMS
* Based on the source code released by Inprise Corp (then Borland Software Corp and now CodeGear) on 25 July 2000

* Ansi SQL
* Run on Windows, Linux and various Unix flavors
* High performance

ZIP folder contents:
* extern - C header files
* firebird20_api - API units to use in your projects
* test_program - Simple test program for services manager

API units support:
* Only Windows (Please comment me by mail if you need also linux support)
* Only Delphi 2006 (Please comment me by mail if you need also FPC support)
* Only Firebird 2.0

You only need to copy fbclient.dll to some folder listed in the PATH enviroment variable; to load the client library you must use FB20ApiLoad on your Delphi code, a succesfull load return TRUE; to unload the library you must use FB20ApiUnload on your Delphi code, return TRUE the function on successfull unload.

You can view the examples for know how to use the API (well, only the load of client library and user management).

History and changes:
15 May 2009
* Fixed Tisc_canvel_events: missing call type
* Fixed Tisc_dsql_sql_info: missing argument
* Fixed Tisc_get_slice: missing argument
* Fixed Tisc_transact_request: missing argument
* Fixed Tisc_prepare: missing argument

26 Abr 2007
* Thanks to Chau Chee Yang by a little observation for functions that have on first paramerter PISC_STATUS type for an array; the Delphi Way requires to be PISC_STATUS_ARRAY type
* More typewriter errors have been fixed
* Now original C macros are in FB20Macros.pas
* Now the unit names are FB20IbaseH, FB20IberrorH and FB20Macros
* More functions now have parameter names

30 Mar 2007
* I change some pointer types to make typecasts more easy for the compiler
* isc_service_attach, isc_service_start, isc_service_query and isc_service_detach now have the parameters name
* Now I include a simple program to test the TCP/IP conection; manage the user list (ADD, MODIFY and DELETE) through service api functions

23 Mar 2007
* Some typewriter errors have been fixed

20 Mar 2007
* Initial files

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