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ID: 26178, TurboDB 5 for VCL

by Robert Binder Email: Anonymous

TurboDB is an embedded desktop database engine for the Borland development tools and all .NET languages.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 12.0 60 downloads
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Size: 15,335,760 bytes
Updated on Mon, 27 Oct 2008 05:32:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Oct 2008 05:34:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 87A57B3FD0123F1AC5BA1B3A5C56D49C1D4999DA
MD5 Hash: B362EF72735DF31A589F82C9E116A6C3

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TurboDB implements an extensive sub-set of SQL 92 including primary and foreign keys, checks, all kinds of outer joins, correlated and uncorrelated sub-queries, UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT, the CASE construct and many more. Tables can be encrypted in various ways including Blowfish and AES. Full-text search is supported via special maintained, ultra-fast, customizable indexes. Transactions of isolation level "read commited" are implemented including automatic crash recovery.

The TurboDB package contains powerful native access components depending on the technology used. For the Borland tools, all standard VCL components like TDataSet are supported and provide almost the same interfaces as the BDE components. For the .NET tools, the native ADO.NET provider implements all standard interfaces and adds additional components for server-side cursors.

When deploying to the .NET platform, only two small additional libraries are required. With Delphi and C++ Builder, the database code can be compiled entirely into the application. On both platforms, no additional installation, registration etc. is needed. Copying the files is sufficient to run.

TurboDB inserts 10.000 records including one index into a small table in 350 ms on a mid-range single-processor computer and can calculate a join over six tables with 86 billion possible combinations in 100 ms. A free trial version is availabe at the company's Web site:

TurboDB is successful on the market since the year 2000. Leading software companies in Europe and in the US have decided to build their applications on this reliable basis.

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