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ID: 25825, Jedi Code Library 1.103

by Florent Ouchet Email: Anonymous

The JEDI Code Library (JCL) is a set of utility functions and non-visual classes which can be instantly reused in your Delphi for Win32, C++Builder and projects.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 12.0 122 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 14,170,411 bytes
Updated on Sat, 06 Sep 2008 13:13:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:57:47 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1FC52293E769CFC2414C711756EB1F314DC753B7
MD5 Hash: 1926705D90F8B9608109BA3E8AACFBE7

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This archive is a preview of the library adapted for Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009. This version of the JCL is not stable.

The library is built upon code donated from the JEDI community. It is reformatted to achieve a common look-and-feel, tested, documented and merged into the library. The library is grouped into several categories such as Strings, Streams, Debug informations and enhancements, Files and I/O, Security, Math and many, many more. The library is released to the public under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL) and as such can be freely used in both freeware/shareware, opensource and commercial projects.

The entire JEDI Code Library is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL). This includes, but is not limited to, this document and all source code and ancillary files. Source code files included in the JCL have a header which explicitly states this (as is required) however, unless noted otherwise, all files including those without an MPL header, are subject to the MPL license.

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