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ID: 25775, ImageLib Corporate Suite for Document Imaging

by jan dekkers Email: Anonymous

ImageLib Corporate Suite for Delphi 1 to Delphi 2009 as well as for CBuilder for Document Imaging and Scanning
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Updated on Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:41:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:43:17 GMT
SKYLINE TOOLS CORPORATE SUITE 2007 provides programmers with all the tools needed to create high-end, sophisticated document, Internet and color imaging software packages. Winner of countless programming awards, this powerful, feature packed, Corporate Imaging suite 2007 contains the easiest to use, most comprehensive suite of imaging programming tools available anywhere and it's Royalty Free! SkyLine Tools Imaging products have been providing the best selling Royalty Free imaging toolkits to the programming world since 1997.

SkyLine's superior document imaging component offers turbocharged scanning (up to 100 +pages a minute on some scanners) through its new "multithreaded, scan and save" technology. Its low level scanning capability enables the Corporate Suite to access the low level calls of most Twain compatible scanners . ImageLib Suite 2007 has several scan clean up features including superior Anti Aliasing and a new Despeckle feature. With the market's fastest and most efficient document clean up tools, images will be clear and legible even when they start out lossy and difficult to read. SkyLine is perfect for those programmers who prefer a "Plug and Play" program that gets the job done quickly, saving time and energy for other projects.

New Features in Suite 2007

Automatic New Integrated Rubberband Blackout for hiding text and it is definitely FLICKER FREE! Automatic Newly Integrated Rubber Band Crop Tool for cropping any part of any image and pasting it to another image. This is for both color and black and white images
Encryption (proprietary encryption of Documents and Images
Despeckle New Color Imaging Formats for Digital Cameras
Black Border Removal New features in Skydoc.exe

We have added the following new features to the SkyDoc.exe (Delphi only) To give you a more complete fully featured end user application with the Delphi source code. These additions do not appear in the Suite 2007 and offer programmers an "out of the box", sophisticated document imaging Solution which they may sell time and time again, and it is royalty free!

New Thumbnail Manager
New Selection-a new selection maybe extracted from the thumbnail manager and copied to the Scratch Pad
Create New thumbnails from original Tiff Image
Add Thumbnails -A group of thumbnails may be tagged on or inserted anywhere in the file
Super scrolling for larger Tiff images
The Thumbnail manager can handle thousands of pages in one Tiff file
Encrypt/Decrypt images from Thumbnail Manager
Document Imaging Features

Superfast Scanning- Turbocharged multithreaded Scanning will scan as many as 100 pages a minute, faster than any other TWAIN toolkit
Multi-page, and Single page
Duplex scanning (2 sides of page)
Excellent Document Cleanup (Despeckle)
Goes from totally illegible to legible in a flash with Anti Aliasing
Best Anti Aliasing (scale to gray) on the market
Increases legibility by 100%
Despeckle (takes out little dots usually found on faxed documents)
Deskew - corrects position of document on the scanner
Saves, reads, annotates and prints documents and color images.
Thumbnail Manager- Creates thumbnails, automatically numbers pages
Annotations - Enables marking up of documents with redaction, redlining, adds labels, images, time/date stamp, comments, etc.
Automatic Low Level Scannning - Interacts at low level with most Twain scanners and offers new scanning features
Automatic Rubberband Blackout for hiding text and it is definitely FLICKER FREE!
Automatic Rubberband Crop Tool for cropping any part of any image and pasting it to another image. This is for both color and black and white images
Encryption of Documents and Images
The Corporate Imaging Suite VC'S SkyDoc also provides a thumbnail manager,which organizes and numbers thumbnails and Multi-page Tiffs. It will enable printing and annotation of documents and graphics. The Suite provides support for the following formats:

Baseline TIFF



TIFF Pack Bits



Multi-page TIFF Reading and Writing

GIF (Requires LZW license)




PCD (Kodak)



Super Fast Twain and Save Functions

The Suite boasts super fast Twain handling so that scan speeds will match the highest speeds of scanners omitting the need for ISIS licensing. SkyLine's "Multithreaded, Save Ahead" technology uses multi-threads to simultaneously scan and save documents on multi-page or ADF (Automatic Document Feeding) scanners. Never has Twain been so fast! This feature not only works on a scanned save, but on any save, so that you may perform other functions while your image is safely being saved.

Low Level Scanning (For all languages)
The following Method can be used with any version of the Suite 2007 for automatically enabling scans.

CallMethod: Scan Pages
Setproperties: such as duplex, dpi, threshold, brightness, paper size, etc.
And call ScanPages.

Low Level Scanning For Delphi and CBuilder Only

It is suggested that to achieve optimal scan speeds with Twain, the ILLOW_XXXXX functions as featured in UhighSpeedScanning.cpp or UhighSpeedScanning.pas together with ILSaveImageThrd Using the ILLOW_XXXXX functions in conjunction with ILSaveImageThrd should be utilized. This will enable paralellscanning and saving instead of serial l Scanning and Saving. This will allow users to achieve high speeds for:

Leaving Twain Object Open between Scan Jobs (Delphi and Cbuilder only!)
Twain State (Delphi and Cbuilder only!)
Scan Area
Set Language
Twain Version to Use "max 19"
Pixel Type
Number of Pages
Auto Feed
X and Y Resolution
Scan DPI is now saved in Tiff header X and Y Resolution Tags
Paper Size
Number of Pages
Unit Size
Source Manager
Sending Twain Triplets to the scanner (Delphi and Cbuilder only!)
Other Document imaging features of the Suite 2007 Include:

Border Removal
Rotate by Degree
Zoom by Percentage
TIFF Navigation
Thumbnail Manager
Improved memory for larger images
Magnifying Glass

The magnifier allows users to magnify words and sentences rather than requiring an overall zoom in of the image, making it convenient to read one page without adjusting the image on the screen.


Annotation capabilities allow users to mark up images on-screen and save them separately or burn them into the document. The user can add arrows, underline text, highlight areas, and add post it notes and time/date stamps all with the simple click of the mouse. Annotations in the Document Imaging Component are Flicker Free! That means no need to worry about readers seeing a blacked out word, name or salary when downloading the image.

New Thumbnail Manager Component

The Suite 2007's resizable, flexible stand-alone thumbnail manager, with the latest Windows "look and feel" can be used in several components including the Multiage and the SkyDoc Image component.

New Color Formats

The file formats supported by the Suite include: PCD (Photo CD), TIFF CCITT 3 and 4, Multipage TIFFs, Pack bits, TIFF LZW**, AVI, WAV, MID, Animated GIF**, Transparent GIF**, Progressive JPG and PNG. Newly added to the Suite 2007 is the ability to read raw images from over 50 different digital cameras, including those from several different digital cameras from Canon, Olympus, Sigma, Kodak, and others.

Formats Include:

Canon CIFF (CRW)
Kodak DCR (DCR)
Kodak DIR (DIR)
Minolta DiMAGE (MRW)
Nikon (NEF)
Olympus Raw (ORF)
Fuji Raw (RAF)
Foveon X3 Raw (X3F)
Color Imaging Features-Image Correction and Effects Editor

The Corporate Suite 2007 is equipped with a myriad of image correction effects, manipulation and deformation tools and offers over forty filters that allow easy handling of color image files. Correction Effects such as brightening, contrast, color reduction and rotation provide vast improvement on dull, difficult to read images. Also included are items such as hue and saturation, edge detection, inverting and sharpening. Special effects can give color images a special look by incorporation some of our deformation tools such as oil painting, mosaic , page curl , wave, etc.

A quote from one of our Customers:

"Just had chance to change one of our scanning apps to support version 6 and here are some quick results:
Scanner is a Fujitsu M4097D scanner, rated at 50 pages per minute simplex, 90 ppm duplex. Using Fujitsu M4097D with the Adaptec 2904 card on an Athlon 1200 (512Ram), the figures are:
300 dpi: 40 ppm (all images display, save compressed)
100 dpi: 56 ppm
300 dpi: duplex 64 ppm
100 dpi: duplex 104 ppm
Again, right up there with the recommended accelerator board."

*Headache Free Imaging Toolkit

The Corporate Suite VCL 2007 provides programmers the security of knowing that the Royalty Free ImageLib Corporate Suite toolkit they are using from SkyLine Tools Imaging ( has been tested on hundreds of thousands of applications running in the field using countless scanners and performing seamlessly everyday in companies and countries throughout the world. Programmers can be assured that the application they write with Skyline's software will be powerful, robust and headache free.

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