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ID: 25636, Turbo C 2.01

by Tim DelChiaro Email: Anonymous

Antique Software: Turbo C version 2.01
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For C++Builder, Version 2.0  to 2.0 80895 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 1,100,166 bytes
Updated on Tue, 02 Sep 2008 09:25:28 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 14 May 2008 09:55:11 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E884AFD3063CE67B393D4281A40A3B217627D4DB
MD5 Hash: 840998AD3C2EEBEC11FB5045089DFB19
Antique Software: Turbo C version 2.01
Ship date: 11-May-1989

Turbo C 2.01 provided everything you needed, all of the tools, included in one environment. Turbo C 2.01 provided tight integration between the editor, compiler, linker, and debugger. This was the first version of Turbo C to include the integrated debugger. The professional version also included the standalong versions of Turbo Assembler and Turbo Debugger.

How to Download and Install Turbo C 2.01

Click on the Turbo C 2.01 zip file to download the software (note: download size is 1.1 mb). When you are finished downloading the software, use your favorite zip utility (like PKZIP or WinZip) to decompress the zip file to a folder on your hard drive. Turbo C 2.01 shipped on 3 floppy disks. Make sure you chose the decompression software's option to preserve folder names (-d for pkzip, look for the check box option for winzip). You can make a 3-disk floppy set or you can install Turbo C 2.01 direct from your hard drive.

These historical files are provided to the Borland community free of charge. They may be downloaded and used "as is" for personal use only. No developer support is provided. Each individual product contains copyright notices that are still in force. These files may not be made available via the Internet or any hard copy media (e.g. diskette, CDROM). We make no claims about Year 2000 compatibility for our antique software. If you have technical questions, you should ask the questions on our Internet newsgroups (there may be someone who remembers these old tools).

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