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ID: 23978, Penuel SQL Client and Database Browser

by George Xavier Email: Anonymous

Penuel is a free SQL client for relational databases that are JDBC compliant.
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Updated on Mon, 22 May 2006 09:55:12 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 21 Apr 2006 16:20:53 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D704E2A1D9EE2D1C4C3FFBC7795EF4A55FE0C6FA
MD5 Hash: 5DF7093B3F10E3C883E8E954FF1F02D8

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Penuel is a function-oriented, no-frills SQL client program for relational databases that are JDBC-compliant. Penuel is a 100% pure Java application developed using the Swing and JDBC APIs.


* use with any relational database system that provides a JDBC driver
* define database connection profiles and re-use for express login
* view connection properties and database meta-data
* customize database access by setting properties for JDBC Connection and Statement objects

* visually browse database objects exposed by the JDBC API
* view database objects in object browser in tree structure
* customize object lists in the object browser filtering by catalog,
schema and object name and more.
* view object properties with a mouse-right click

* execute SQL commands to retrieve or update information in a database.
* execute batches of SQL commands interactively.
* drag and drop object names from object browser into SQL
command pane
* drag and drop driver-specific SQL keywords into SQL command pane
* save your SQL statements to files for subsequent re-use.

* view result sets in table or a selected row as a form
* view meta-data for any column in current resultset.
* print result sets in current size or fit-to-page

* centralized maintenance of application settings and preference
* import and export application settings (transfer settings easily
between computers)
* switch look and feel seamlessly between Ocean, Motif and Windows
* ready reference for public final static int values in java.sql
interfaces and classes (needed for interpreting JDBC meta-data)
* view property information for currently executing JVM

* meaningful context sensitive help
* an update checker that notifies you if a newer version of Penuel has been released.

* Tested with DB2, Oracle, Sybase and HSQLDB.
* Requires JRE 1.5 or later


* The user guide provides detailed information on all of the application features.
* The installation guide is in the root directory of the Penuel
distribution file.
* The Penuel blog at provides uptodate information on new releases


Penuel can be downloaded from The user guide is also available on-line at this site.


If you would like to give me feedback, report a bug or suggest an enhancement, please email with Penuel as the subject.

For more information, see

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