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ID: 23973, SXSkinComponents 1.0.4 - Skinnable Controls Package

by Alexey Sadovnikov Email: Anonymous

Open source skinnable visual components package for Delphi. Components features: full alpha-channel support, translucent controls, MMX-optimization, design changing effects on event, JPEG&PNG support.
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Updated on Sun, 16 Apr 2006 15:45:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 15 Apr 2006 15:11:00 GMT
SXSkinComponents is a set of visual skinnable components.

Package contents:
* TSXSkinLibrary - loads skins from skin.ini and skin.sxs files, PNG and JPEG files
* TSXSkinPaintBox - with this control you can easily display your semi-transparent TBitmap32 image on a form.
* TSXSkinLabel - can display transluent text of different colors and font, text with shadow and smoothed text.
* TSXSkinImage - just displays static simple skin styles (images, text, geometrical figures, boxtiles).
* TSXSkinButton - can display various button styles: rectangular or elliptic, with down-state or without, with glyph or without, etc.
* TSXSkinCheckBox - can display not only various check-glyphs, but also any background style.
* TSXSkinRadioButton - can cooperate with TSXSkinGroupBox with RadioButton glyph.
* TSXSkinPanel - it's always transparent, used for alignment reasons only.
* TSXSkinNotebook - works as standard stack of switchable panels.
* TSXSkinEdit - with this control you can edit text on any background without flickering.
* TSXSkinGroupBox - can have simple glyph in a caption or even CheckBox or RadioButton control instead of a caption.

These components will be added to the package soon:
TSXSkinUpDown, TSXSkinSpinEdit, TSXSkinNumEdit, TSXSkinScrollBar, TSXSkinMemo, TSXSkinRichEdit and others.

Components features:
* 100% open source
* 100% alpha channel suppor
* unmatched mouse capture engine with transparency check
* custom effects on mouse over, mouse out, focus, unfocus and other events
* MMX optimized
* soft-drawn figures: rectangles, circles, round rectangles, ellipses, lines, polygons
* soft-drawn figures fill: solid, vertical gradient, horizontal gradient
* JPEG and PNG files are supported
* soft-drawn filters: lighten, darken, alpha, colormix and others (solid and gradient)

SXSkinComponents are based on open source Graphics32 Library.
Free for non-commercial projects.

For more information, see

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