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ID: 23678, VisDiff drop-in replacement using Araxis Merge

by Anders Melander Email: Anonymous

Replaces StarTeam's internal visdiff.exe to use Araxis Merge for two-way compare. The original filename and revision info is displayed in Araxis Merge.
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For StarTeam, Version 1.0  to 7.0 176 downloads
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Size: 231,001 bytes
Updated on Sun, 16 Oct 2005 17:12:39 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 16 Oct 2005 17:13:52 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 62556D50C18367071AE22A05203280A0D23496CB
MD5 Hash: A9C59206B35A5E54EAAD1ADBCD4C6FA8

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This utility solves the problem that StarTeam doesn't surface any information (filename, path, revision number) about the files being compared to custom diff viewers. By replacing StarTeam's internal visdiff.exe with a custom application of the same name, we are able to get to the same information as StarTeam's visdiff.exe.

This utility can only be used with Araxis Merge. It has only been tested with Araxis Merge 6.5 and only for two-way compare. Merge and three-way compare has not been implemented, but I'm sure the utility can be modified to support these additional features with little effort (just don't ask *me* to do it).

To install:

1) Rename StarTeam's original visdiff.exe to visdiff.original.exe.
2) Copy the new visdiff.exe to the StarTeam folder.
3) Make sure the Araxis Merge COM interface by executing the following command (insert paths were needed): regsvr32 merge.exe

Delphi source code is included.

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