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ID: 23549, IP*Works! SSL

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An SSL-enabled suite of secure Internet communications Java Beans.
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For JBuilder, Version 1.0  to 12.0 18 downloads
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Size: 6,652,502 bytes
Updated on Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:28:40 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 23 Aug 2005 12:10:50 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 830AFC40FD892688FD8A807B331F4DECD2BB9308
MD5 Hash: 9A65577EC3D16FB8CEC3C0A2712E17C9

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IP*Works! SSL V6 adds SSL security, digital certificate generation, and certificate management capabilities to the base IP*Works! Internet components. Supporting secure implementations of every major SSL-enabled Internet protocol including: FTPS, HTTPS, SMTPS, POPS, IMAPS, LDAPS, SMPPS, XMPPS (Secure Jabber), SOAPS, WebDavS, etc. Certificate creation, signing, and management features are also included.

IP*Works! SSL is a no-compromise, comprehensive suite of royalty-free SSL-enabled components. It brings unprecedented ease of use to Secure Internet Development with drop-in replacements for the components in the "classic" IP*Works! package, well known in the development community for their straightforward, intuitive interfaces, and powerful productivity features.

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