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ID: 23166, Simple Editor

by lubos dusanic Email: Anonymous

Text file and program source editor with syntax highlight
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 131 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 2,376,952 bytes
Updated on Mon, 25 Apr 2005 01:45:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 25 Apr 2005 01:46:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C19424990FE5BBD4612106DD70A88E2C06E59D7C
MD5 Hash: F6524A8B48AA25A304BC440D559AFC67

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This program is a text file and program source editor with syntax highlight
support for a lot of different languages. Some basic IDE (Integrated Development
Environment), integrated because it should integrate more programs
(editor, compiler, etc.) into one features are also implemented, like launching
a compiler, or any other program, and redirecting the output to this program,
find in files, but the main feature is the advanced editor with powerful edit -
and search functions..

- advanced editor (the main feature):
- syntax highlighting for a lot of languages, and one custom highlighter, fully
- spell checking (several default dictionaries available)
- auto complete like in Delphi with popup List
- auto correct individual for all languages.
- bookmarks
- many advanced edit commands.
- column/line selection mode.
- powerful search and replace with regular expressions
- unlimited undo and redo.
- highlight matching brackets.
- highlight current line.
- start command line programs (compiler, interpreter or whatever) and capture
the output + regular expressions to parse the output
- configurable tools (start a program, insert a string into the editor or
execute an edit command).
- export to HTML, RTF and LATEX.
- print and print preview with syntax highlighting in color.
- drag & drop support (open or insert files).
- saves caret position and default language for each opened file
- find and replace in files + regular expressions

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