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ID: 23106, Still Casting Shadows (history book)

by Clay Shannon Email: Anonymous

.exe and .pdf of the latest version of the manuscript/program
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For Delphi, Version 1.3  to 1.3 214 downloads
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Size: 5,249,747 bytes
Updated on Tue, 05 Sep 2006 08:28:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 23 Mar 2005 19:02:24 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9F4191F8114C3AFB7852890913B2D907953B360A
MD5 Hash: A265023AF5B19317CD7D2982395D6D4F

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Contains the .exe and .pdf that allows you to read Blackbird Crow Raven's social / cultural / family history book "STILL CASTING SHADOWS: Two American Families 1620-2006" (.exe not really necessary).

The book is a social/cultural/family history of the United States from 1620-2006.

Accessing the manuscript from the .exe, you can send feedback, suggestions, comments, questions to either the programmer (me) or the author (Blackbird Crow Raven).

Latest version added 7/8/2005. New appendixes, chapters, and especially addition to 1979 chapter, wherein my father wins the medal of valor from the state of California.

More additions added 7/10/2005

More additions added 7/18/2005

Ruby Ridge, etc. added 8/2/2005

Added Waco, O.J. Simpson, L.A. Riots, Jimi Hendrix 8/8/2005

8/22/2005 -- Added Enron, more on Rodney King/L.A. Riots, Dawes Act (1887), and Indian Reorganization Act (1934)

9/5/2005 -- Added Civil Rights Movement, Modern Indians, Desert Storm, Iran Hostage Crisis

10/2/2005 -- Added Columbine school shootings, Afghanistan war and Iraq Wars

11/8/2005 -- Added more info, also reformatted and re-edited the entire manuscript

12/6/2005 -- Stripped out all the images except the cover (replacing them with placeholders), making for a much smaller download

1/2/2006 -- Added more info about 9/11, Civil War, California Medal of Valor

2/16/2006 -- Added more info

3/21/2006 -- This is the final electronic version. The manuscript has been split into two separate volumes. Volume I covers 1620-1913 (Mayflower to eve of The "Great War"); Volume II covers 1914-2006 (start of Great War/WWI to present).

8/30/2006 -- You can now get the "official" versions of the manuscripts (the .PDF files used by iUniverse to print the hardcopy editions of the books) as free downloads from Lulu:

Vol I:
Vol II:

(They are not here because of the file size limit--one of the volumes, with pictures, graphs, etc. is over 20 MB)

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