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ID: 23088, PEEDIT V2.1

by Hungry Guy Email: Anonymous

Encrypting word processor that leaves no history trail.
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For Turbo Pascal, Version 2.1  to 2.1 121 downloads
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Size: 156,608 bytes
Updated on Tue, 08 Mar 2005 15:15:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 06 Mar 2005 17:15:48 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D9398E91C0BFC2E0AB9FF195E08B440F602A082F
MD5 Hash: 687CF2C4258242C84D8DF3FDD9A6A191

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Pee Edit is an encrypting text editor that I wrote way back in the mid-80s. It is a DOS application and does not have mouse support, although it was designed with a primitive keyboard-based GUI. Use it to write your erotic stories during breaks at work while keeping the political correctness thought police at bay, or at home if you have curious kids or spouses around! Being a DOS app, it leaves no history trail in Windows!

V2.1 includes several bug fixes, including terminating each line of text with CR/LF as required by some GUI word processors when converted from encrypted PEE to plain TXT format.

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