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ID: 22652, VARCHART XGantt .NET Edition 3.1

by Markus Hammers Email: Anonymous

VARCHART XGantt .NET is a software component for the .NET Framework that lets programmers easily integrate interactive Gantt charts and resource scheduling into own applications.
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 9.0 105 downloads
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Updated on Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:22:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 14 Oct 2004 08:36:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 154377668B624FD966AD8BED3F934E1929519BB5
MD5 Hash: DD7FE5344FE4E49F8A7119B8AFCB363D

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Gantt charts allow to graphically display time oriented processes such as school and shift schedules, room or device occupancy, the administration of vehicle or vessel pools, landing and runway management in ports and airports, staff management and many other forms of project and resource management. Gantt diagrams visualize activities that depend on time. The unique design of VARCHART XGantt gives you the flexibility you need to create applications for a number of different environments: - project planning control panels - personal planning- machine bookings - resource planning - airport planning - process engineering By using VARCHART XGantt, with little effort you can provide configurable and interactive Gantt diagrams. Only a few mouse clicks are needed to add a simple diagram to an application. It can subsequently be turned into a highly sophisticated resource chart. User interactions such as generating, deleting or moving activities are handled by the component and do not require additional programming. Events are graded to allow VARCHART XGantt to react to each step a user takes. This allows you to tailor interactions precisely to the needs of your customer. For example, you can prevent users from moving activities into certain areas of the diagram or you can make the placement depend on criteria that you set. VARCHART XGantt can efficiently handle moving thousands of activities with only a minor impact on performance.The calendar feature is one of the prominent features of VARCHART XGantt. In the calendar, you are able to set working and non-working periods, specific dates, events, holidays, etc. and then apply those dates and events to your data. The diagram will display the activities by showing breaks for the events that you set.The interdependencies of the activities can be taken into account when the Gantt diagram is scheduled.You can show time patterns that have been defined by the calendar in the Gantt graph. Special dates can be accentuated by date lines. With the time scale you can adjust various graphical options like scaling, time units, colors and fonts.VARCHART XGantt provides all necessary Gantt functions for viewing and editing including:- all graphical layout functions for Gantt charts like multi-level grouping and multiple tasks per row in overlapped or optimized mode- data dependent assignment of graphical attributes via filters or so-called maps- multiple calendars and calendar grids- multiple sections of different scale as well as collapsing non-work periods in timescale- printing with comfortable paging and page preview- graphic export for web applications with NETRONIC’s GRANEDA WebViewer- moving bars horizontally and vertically or changing durations via drag&drop- create, delete or modify any application data like tasks or activities, group titles or links- in-place editing in table cells and changing data in a data editing dialog- PERT/CPM scheduling for early and late dates as well as total and free floatsThe Histogram module provides all functions to show resource loading histograms including:- calculation of resource loads from application data and displaying them, interactive changes like moving a bar in the Gantt chart are reflected in the histogram accordingly- displaying and editing of resource availability showing over and under loads- displaying multiple Histograms, e.g. for selected resources- numerous graphical layout features for numeric scale, shading, line styles etc.The Resource Scheduling module requires all other modules and provides all functions forResource Scheduling including:- Resource planning by taking the maximum load and the resource calendar into account- taking work in progress and delivery dates into account as planning constraints- loading capacity as soon as possible for fast delivery strategies- loading capacity just in time for low stock strategiesWith the options of a diagram generated by VARCHART XGantt even complex processes can be well structured and can be displayed clearly in their details. VARCHART XGantt has become an essential part of all kinds of administrative and organizational software. Graphical elements can interactively be modified by the user, which makes the VARCHART XGantt diagram a valuable planning tool. Scheduling functions are integrated features of VARCHART XGantt. For example, you can calculate the start and finish of a project or find the float for each activity in detail.Dependencies such as whether one activity can start only after another finishes or whether an activity can not be completed until another one has started can be displayed using one of VARCHART XGantt‘s available link types. You determine how the link should appear using one of the four available link types.VARCHART XGantt can display the workload of resources with histograms. Several curves can be positioned above each other. For example, the maximum workload of an engine can be displayed as a capacity curve superimposed on the actual workload. The areas between the two curves that indicate shortfall or excess of the maximum workload can be differentiated by different fill patterns. Histograms allow you to quickly adapt to needs in your enterprise by allowing you to project and prepare for resource shortfalls in advance.There are several graphical elements that allow you to highlight dates in activities, point out specific things like milestones, or show a process‘s completion percentage.Resources and activities can be set into groups that are formed by criteria you define. You can form any number of groups to any level. The order of activities can be defined by sorting criteria. You also can define a different appearance for each grouping level. Users have the convenience of being able to collapse or expand groups to allow them to view only the data they need to see.The component can be configured at design time by dialogs or by a programming interface. VARCHART XGantt is available as an ActiveX edition and as a .NET edition: - VARCHART XGantt ActiveX Edition - VARCHART XGantt .NET Edition Do not miss the opportunity to test the large variety of options in VARCHART XGantt. For the start, please feel free to test the VARCHART XGantt sample software provided on this CD, which has a time limit after 30 days. Our special offer: claim our free support during that time and contact us on any question of the product by e-mail or by phone. For further details please see

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