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ID: 22647, PureComponents TreeView V2.1

by Pavel Sich Email: Anonymous

Add a rich treeview experience and inplace tree building functionality to your applications.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 9.0 190 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 6,265,925 bytes
Updated on Fri, 15 Oct 2004 01:13:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:01:35 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 55F32368637ADFA6620B00961F8D30609D85C9E1
MD5 Hash: 0BCA3D5E143002BBBA92C17A311E15F9

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Basic features

Object model based on the standard .NET Framework TreeView component
Elegant, intuitive design with powerful functionality
Excellent look&feel supported by various visual effects with ability to change colors of all items individually
Each node, checkbox and expand box can have its own color style
Four different checkbox styles and three expand box styles to choose from
Save a content of TreeView to XML file and load XML file to the TreeView
Creation and finding of nodes using functions AddNodeByPath and GetNodeByPath
Identification of a node with the Key property and getting the node with GetNodeByKey function
WYSIWYG designer with full support of drag&drop, clipboard and undo&redo
It is possible to set style inheritance in the TreeView's hierarchical structure
Text uderlining using several styles - dash, dot, solid or tilde
Highlighting the selected node or flashing some important node and its whole path
Easier tree navigation can be achieved with nodes auto numbering. You can switch on one property of the TreeView to have nodes numbered
Object Model

TreeView is created from hierarchical structure of nodes. TreeView's object model brings these advantages:

Is based on the conventions of the .NET Framework
It is influenced by the standard TreeView component, so it looks familiar
Is extended with several sophisticated functions, which saves development time
Sophisticated Functions

TreeView contains several sophisticated functions, these free you of routine programming which repeats in every project again and again. Some of these functions are:

Methods MoveUp, MoveDown, MoveLeft and MoveRight which you can use to move Nodes in their hierarchical structure
AddNodeByPath can create Node together with all parent nodes
Key property uniquely indentifies any Node in the whole TreeView
Using the GetNodeByKey you can get the Node by its Key property
Transformation of the .NET Framework TreeView structure into the TreeView using drag&drop
TreeView structure creation from the text stored in the Clipboard
Powerful Designer

Extensive WYSIWYG designer allows you to create fully functional model of the application TreeView within minutes. Main features are:

Nodes are individual entities within TreeView, you can set their properties directly in the Properties Window
Designer is being driven using Action Menu which has extended functionality
Adding Nodes using clipboard from other TreeView
Using drag&drop to arrange nodes within the TreeView changing the order and indent level of nodes
Styles and Color Schemes

Using colors it is possible to modify TreeView to your needs. Using styles it is much more simple to alter the TreeView's look&feel. To alter TreeView's visual style you can:

Set color and font for each Node
Set the style and color of treelines
Set the style and color of expand boxes
Set the style and color of checkboxes
Select the TreeView's border style
Use Color Schemes from the predefined finetuned set of combinations
Take advantage of the style inheritance in the hierarchical structure
Context Highlight

TreeView contains graphical elements that can help you to point out some kind of information or to alert the user of your application. You can:

Highlight the text using one of the four types of underline - dash, dot, solid and tilde
Choose the color of the underline
Use the Flash function to blink the selected node or any other node
Built-in ContextMenu functions

Runtime editing and arranging is available in the built-in TreeView context menu without coding. You can activate a special editing and arranging functions in TreeView's context menu by ContextMenuEditing, ContextMenuArranging and ContextMenuXmlOperations properties. Context menu strings can be localized.

Developer Benefits

Clear and understandable object model ensures the easy to use approach
TreeView Grabber function helps with comfortable transformation of your applications that use TreeView component
Using the Build from Clipboard function it is possible to speed up the design based on the customers specification
Content of the Treeview can be changed using drag&drop or using clipboard, you can even copy the nodes between several Treeview instances, this helps you with the flexible reusability in other projects
Highly developed event model gives the developer full control over the Treeview
Treeview is developed in just one single DLL file (assembly) which gives you the simple distribution
Using the WYSIWYG designer it is possible to visualy create the structure without writing even one single line of code

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