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ID: 22645, PureComponents Navigator V2.1

by Pavel Sich Email: Anonymous

Add structured Navigation functionality to your applications. PureComponents Navigator adds navigation functionality to your applications; it brings simple information structuring and easy application navigation.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 9.0 65 downloads
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Size: 3,826,569 bytes
Updated on Thu, 14 Oct 2004 04:44:45 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:40:46 GMT
SHA1 Hash: BF0297DDCADB16FA71809623BA1A0993611B3386
MD5 Hash: 3E2CD1629207DB7B2EA0707F9291615C

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Creativity - Make your applications intuitive and easy to use

Themes are a new feature in Navigator 2.0. You can choose from one of three themes (Classic, Windows XP or Messenger) which best suits your type of application.

Colors and Styles
You can set the color for every group or node individually. This gives you the widest possibility to distinguish different types of information. Groups and nodes have their own style classes, which are used to create their appearance. Using styles you can define a different set of settings for different types of information. Using the StyleSource property you can select the source of the style. For a node it can be the default style, a style from its group, a style from the parent node or a local custom style. Style inheritance defined by the Parent style source helps you to define the same style for a whole sub-tree using just one style object.

Navigator implements an extensive style settings system. Using the fade effect you can make the UI of your application more attractive. If you are not satisfied with the tree-lines style and collapse/expand mark you can use the sub-items indicator which is shown at the end of the node. An interesting feature of every node is to choose from one of four underline styles which can have its own color as well.

Flexibility - Wide spectrum of applications in one product

Group Panel
As a standard feature every group contains a hierarchy of nodes. In Navigator 2.0 you can add a panel to every group and it can contain anything you require, any control or set of controls you wish.

Visual Effects
Using visual effects you can help your end users to navigate easily around your application. The Flash method shows the way to the appropriate node, this can be used when you would like to strongly highlight some information. Using the HighlightSelectedPath you will switch the visual feature that will always hold the current selected node more highlighted when Navigator has no focus.

Rich Event Model
The Navigator Event model is designed in a way so it covers all the requirements that can exist when developing a navigation panel of an application. Every navigation event consists of two parts - Before and After part. The first allows you to cancel the event when needed. There are events like Collapse, Expand, PositionChange and more. There is a large set of mouse events available as well, for example DragDrop, DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, MouseClick, MouseDblClick, MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseLeave, MouseMove, MouseUp and these are available for the whole navigator as well as for Group and Node objects.

Context Menu
A context menu can be associated with every Group or Node object. An important feature for a Node object is ContextMenuSource which with similar logic as the StyleSource property defines the source of a menu for the node object, whether it is sourced from the local ContextMenu property or from a parent node or the Group.

Productivity - Get control over your applications within few minutes

Powerful designer
Navigator has a powerful WYSIWYG designer that allows you to comfortably design a navigation panel for your application without writing a single line of code. The designer has been designed to be simple to use and easy to control, this allows Navigator to be used to create application prototypes in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. What you see in the design time regime is the same as you get in runtime. Using the in-place designer you can add groups and nodes to Navigator and change the style of any object, using a simple drag & drop operation you can change the group or node order as you wish.

Sophisticated Functions
Navigator contains several sophisticated functions; these can free you from the routine programming which repeats in every project again and again. Some of these functions are: methods MoveUp, MoveDown, MoveLeft and MoveRight which you can use to move Nodes in their hierarchical structure, AddNodeByPath can create Node together with all parent Nodes, Key property uniquely identifies a Node in the whole Navigator and using the GetNodeByKey you can get the Node by its Key property.

Easy Building
The Navigator designer offers a special function where it is possible to create whole structures of groups and nodes from a clipboard where there is some text data stored. When text contains line breaks every line is inserted as a new group or node. When lines of text are spaced by tab markers it will be taken into account when creating the structure of nodes. The special function is a way of transforming the standard TreeView component into Navigator. If you have TreeView in your project you can easily copy its content into Navigator by dragging the TreeView object onto Navigator and a new group will be created with the name of your TreeView and all its nodes.

Color Schemes
Using color schemes you can very easily set nice, balanced color combinations instantly and all this without time consuming and laborious manipulation of a large number of properties. Color schemes are available at design time from the Color Scheme picker utility or you can access all the schemes from the code using the NavigatorStyleFactory object.

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