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ID: 22508, iTech Logging 2.4.2

by Armin Dittrich Email: Anonymous

Powerful library for flexible userdefined logging plus ITLogBook to filter, view and analyse the recorded information at runtime or later on for tracing and debugging.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 9.0 170 downloads
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Size: 10,222,899 bytes
Updated on Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:36:54 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 07 Oct 2004 09:24:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 07330AC1B38EBDDBE4B9F7071BDFC52177F81020
MD5 Hash: 236D276A7CAD983559C0BFD5298D71C0

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Add 2nd generation logging, monitoring and analysing capabilities to your applications and maximize the insight into your apps – at any time and any place!

iTech Logging is a 2nd generation solution for application-specific information logging, program monitoring and execution analysis. It helps you to trace your apps at any time and track down errors in your code - even after the app has been deployed.

iTech Logging includes various ITLogLib runtimes, ITConfigManager for online-configuration and ITLogBook as a monitoring and analysis tool including powerful filter mechanisms.

ITLogLib is a reliable, powerful runtime library providing an easy-to-use API for flexible and dynamic recording and storage of any trace, debug and log information required by the developer or support team. It is available in various variants for different programming languages and development environments.

The .NET variant of ITLogLib, called ITLogLib/.NET, now also contains ITLogTraceListener/.NET, a trace listener for the .NET framework which can be added to .NET applications just by configuration. No source code modifications are necessary.

ITLogBook is an innovative and user-friendly standalone Windows application which allows developers to quickly solve all the common tasks related to application tracing, bug tracking and problem analysis. On the basis of the ITLogLib file output, ITLogBook allows developers to trace the execution of their applications immediately (online) and also to reproduce occurred problem and error situations at any later time and place (offline). ITLogBook provides sophisticated filter mechanisms and additional features for quick and easy logfile analysis, enabling faster error detection and better customer support.

ITConfigManager is a special configuration tool for setting up and changing the output behavior of the ITLogLib runtime libraries. Most output settings can be changed at runtime without need to restart your application.

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