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ID: 22399, TierDeveloper 4.0

by Sarah Sana Email:

Generate 50% of your .NET application
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Updated on Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:12:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:12:48 GMT
TierDeveloper helps you develop real-life complex .NET database application in record times. TierDeveloper does this by letting you map objects to relational databases, put power SQL and business rules in them, and generate fully working code instantly. TierDeveloper also generates an ASP.NET application to either let you test the generated objects or to use as a powerful admin application.

Some of the main benefits of using TierDeveloper are:

Speed up .NET Development: 50% of your code is generated instantly.

Improve Code Quality: All generated code is consistent and based on a design pattern.

Reduce Testing Effort: All generated code is based on pre-tested templates.

Build Real-Life Complex .NET Applications

TierDeveloper is a powerful object-to-relational mapping tool and provides a rich set of features. You can develop real-life complex applications on top of the code generated by TierDeveloper. Some of the features that are critical for any real-life application are:

Object Mapping: TierDeveloper lets you map objects to single or multiple tables. You can select which columns you want to map as object-attributes, rename object attributes to fit your coding conventions, specify read-only columns, and much more.

Queries: You can define queries as methods to your objects. These methods return collection of objects and give you a truly object oriented view of your database. Queries can contain complex SQL with joins, nested queries, unions, and much more.

Relationships: Handle 1-1 and 1-n relationships easily in your mappings. Your database relationships are represented as object relationships in your application. You can also define queries on these relationships.

Stored Procedure Calls: You can define an object method to call a stored procedure. This allows you to use your legacy stored procedures (or new ones) and access them in a nice object interface as methods.

Parent/Child Relationships: Define a 1-1 or 1-n parent/child relationship and TierDeveloper generates code to handle is correctly. Parent object manages life-cycle of its children.

Custom Operations: Many times, your application wants to load or update only a few columns in the table to boost performance . You can use custom operations for this purpose.

Bulk Operations: Define object methods to perform bulk updates and deletes in your database.

Custom Hooks: Customize the behavior of the generated code in hooks so it is preserved the next time you generate code.

Web Services: If you're developing distributed service-oriented applications, you'll love TierDeveloper. You can define web services for your generated objects and use them from remote applications.

Powerful ASP.NET Application

TierDevleoper not only lets you generate your business and data objects, it also generates a powerful ASP.NET application. Although, the main purpose of this application is to let you test all the generated code, it is also an extremely useful as an admin application in many situations. This saves you a great deal of effort developing an admin application by hand.

Windows Form Application

TierDevleoper also generates a Windows Forms application that is similar to the ASP.NET application in all its features. You can generate a client/server Windows Forms application and embed .NET components inside the Windows Forms application. Or, you can generate a Remote Client Windows Forms application and make remote calls to .NET components through their web services interface that TierDeveloper has generated. Either way, you have a great-looking Windows Forms application to use either as a real-life application.

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